Steam Deck Steam OS 3.4 release date

Steam Deck Steam OS 3.4 release date

Steam Deck is a handheld gaming computer that was first released on 25th February 2022. It is developed by Valve and has Steam online services. You can play games on a monitor with the help of Steam Deck just like Nintendo Switch. It has multiple integrated gaming inputs and a full Steam library. This device is known to be an open platform that allows its users for installing any compatible games on the device. In recent times, most players are shifting from consoles to Steam’s handheld decks. Let us see when will Steam Deck Steam OS 3.4 will release.

Steam Deck Steam OS 3.4 release date

Lately, Valve has announced its three big updates which are mainly for Steam Deck and Steam OS. If you are playing on the Beta version of Steam Deck then you will notice Steam OS 3.4. Other than this the Steam OS 3.3 version previously in the Beta is now moved to the stable with all additional changes. Since the testing is still ongoing with the Steam OS 3.4 version, there is no information lately for its release date. 

Steam OS 3.4 in Beta Channel of Steam Deck

In Steam Deck you can change your Steam version from Settings > System > System Update Channel and then choose either Stable or Beta version. If you choose Stable and then click on Check for Updates you will find an update is already waiting for your arrival. It is the final part of Steam OS 3.3 with three major changes.

Steam OS 3.3 major updates

The major changes in the Steam Deck OS Update are

  • Random 0.2s stutter issue
  • Forza Horizon 5 has a performance issue
  • Performance drop issue fixed
  • Improved FlipStick mode
  • New Nintendo Joy-Cons 
  • The new location of the OSK chor button

Here are some of the patch notes of the Steam OS 3.3 update. Check the official website of Steam to find detailed patch notes. 

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