Steam punk pets leaked ahead of new pet Simulator X update

The developer of Pet Simulator x is Big Games Entertainment. It was hinted at with the release of Pet Simulator 1 and 2. This game is released through Roblox and is now available everywhere. You can earn new pets, upgrade them, fuse them to form new legendary sets of pets. You can trade your pets for some hefty rare pets. It is fun playing and mainly comprises a collection. It contains new land areas, which require some coins from Roblox currency or gems to unlock. Preston is the guide over the game and comes with weekly updates one after another. A quick note of the coming update is listed below.

New leaked pets in Pet Simulator X

This week’s update is about Steampunk pets. Moreover, the update is coming with the new theme of Pet Simulator X and is most likely to be a Steampunk world. There can be changes on Dark Matter Machine time upgrades as of last week’s update. Preston is going to add Travelling Merchant that was highly requested on the Pet Simulator X discords server. The game might also have voice chat now. It was tweeted by Peston and later deleted. So there is a chance of adding the voice chat system in the game.

The steampunk pets look like Tech pets. The fox will have a one-eyed spectacle giving it a detective look and also a top hat. These pets may come in Dark Matter Eggs or inside a new egg with some luck percentage and purchase price of around 325k Tech coins. The damage of these pets is assumed to be 9M -13M. The four pet names coming in this update out of 12 pets are: 

  • Steampunk Cat
  • SteamPunk Duck Steam 
  • Punk Fox SteamPunk 
  • Alligator Wind Up Mouse
Leaks of Pet Simulator X
Upcoming new pets in Pet Simulator X

In this update, Preston might add one new area to the spawn island. He also restocked plushies for sale on his discord server. You must go and check this out for once.

The best pet in Pet Simulator X

The Domortuus pet is a legendary pet hatched from the Dominus Egg. It is the rarest pet of Pet Simulator X. The Domortuus pet first came in Pet Simulator 1 for a price of 11,000 Robux and now is the best Starter World Pet. The stats of this pet are different such as:

Base Stats: 23k-24k

Golden Stats: 69k-72k

Rainbow Stats: 160k-170k

Dark Matter Stats: 464k-468k

Some players try to fuse some normal dominus to get The Golden Domortuus but fail to get one. It is like this because the fusing of Dominus eggs is removed, and the fastest and best way to get The Domortuus is by trading.