Steps to change language in Plague Tale Requiem

Plague Tale Requiem came out in the gaming market on 18th October 2022. You will find this game on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. However being an action-adventure and stealth genre game, it supports only single-player mode. In this article, you will learn how to change language in Plague Tale Requiem.

Change language in Plague Tale Requiem

Currently, the game is running with five supported audio languages. There are even some other supported languages for the subtitles. If you wish to change your language, you can independently change the game’s language from the Steam Store. Since the game configuration has not been completely unveiled, we do not have much information on the in-game language settings options.

But, if you wish to change the language options of this game from the Steam client application, then you can follow these steps.

All language options in Plague Tale Requiem
  1. Launch your Steam client application,
  2. Open your Libraries, and right-click on Plague Tale Requiem name from the library list,
  3. Now you need to click on Properties
  4. There you will find the Language option. Click on it
  5. This will open the languages changing options. Choose your language but ensure the chosen language is supported.

Once you have changed your language, come back to the main page of the Steam client application to save your changes. This will independently alter the language of the Plague Tale Requiem game.

Is there Japanese language included in Plague Tale Requiem?

Initially, the game publishers revealed that they would release this game with six supported audio languages. But later, the Japanese language was removed from the game. You can even find that this game gives a warning when downloading it from the store page in Japan. It displays that this game does not support Japanese languages. Though the in-game language option does not have the Japanese language, you will find subtitles to help your cause.