Summertime Render Episode 12 Release Date, Title & Spoilers

Yasuki Tanaka’s Summertime Render is a hugely popular series. The manga series began in the Shonen Jump+ magazine in October 2017 and concluded in February 2021. The series’ anime adaptation was announced in 2021 and it began airing in April 2022. The series received a lot of positive feedback from the audience. In this post, we discuss Summertime Render Episode 12 Release Date.

What is Summertime Render all about?

Summertime Render is a series of supernatural mysteries. Shinpei Ajiro investigates the death of her former crush in the story. Shinpei’s parents died when he was a child. Ushio and Mio Kofune, the Kofune sisters, took him in. Shinpei grew up and moved to Tokyo to live and work there. However, the news of Ushio’s death forces him to return to his home island.

At least, that’s what everyone believes happened to Ushio. Shinpei, on the other hand, notices bruises around her neck, implying that she was strangled. Shinpei discovers that there is much more to the island than anyone could have imagined as he begins his investigation. There are shadows ready to devour the island.

Summertime Render manga started in October 2017 and will end in February 2021. It was published in the magazine Shonen Jump+. There are a total of 13 volumes of this manga. The anime adaptation of the series premiered in April 2022. OLM produced this anime series and it will consist of 25 episodes that will cover the entire story from the manga. Currently, 11 episodes have aired already and the next one will be coming out soon.

Summertime Render Episode 12 Release Date and Spoilers 

The title of the 12th episode of Summertime Render is available on the internet. The name of the episode is “Bloody Night”. With this episode, the anime series will reach its mid-point.

The release date of the 12th episode of Summertime Render is out. The next episode of the anime will come out as per its usual schedule. It will air on 1 July 2022, which is this Friday. Fans can watch this anime series on Disney+.

This episode will adapt the manga series from chapter 57 onwards. The previous episode showed the fans how the shadows attacked Ushio, Shinpei, and Sou. While Sou was able to fend them off, Ushio started fading away. She removes her arm to stay conscious. The next chapter will show us how the team deals with the shadows and how the ‘mother’ of the shadows reacts to the attack.