Tales of Arise Characters List 2021

As seen in our previous blogs, Tales of Arise, the seventeenth in the Tales series, is all set to be launched on 10th September 2021. Tales of Arise, the game like its prequels, will be a 3D animated action-packed and fantasy-based role-playing game. The only exception for this game is that there will not be any multiplayer mode like most of its prequels.

Tales of Arise Game Plot

The game is being launched with an interesting plot with the set comprising two different worlds, namely Dahna and Rena. Dahna is a medieval world, whereas Rena is said to be an advanced modern world. Possessing advanced technologies, Rena has taken control of Dahna. The people of Dahna are being treated worse as slaves. With the prevailing sufferings, Alphen from Dahna and Shionne from Rena set their journey together to join the other four characters to save and free Dahna from Rena and establish peace.

Tales of Arise Characters List 2021

Tales of Arise Character ListYes! The game features 6 playable protagonists/characters, each character having unique attributes, skills, abilities, and perks. The six characters with whom you can begin the game are Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell, Law, Kisara, and Dohalim. Each character possesses unique combat skills, and you need to be careful in using the skills and abilities accordingly. Learn more about the six protagonists!

  1. Alphen – A victim of Rena’s invasion. The masked face man lost his memories and is too numb to feel the pain. He obtains the blazing fire Sword from Shionne.
  2. Shionne – A young woman from Rena, who carries with her the curse of thorns. Whoever touches her gets affected. She helps and joins hands with Alphen in fighting against her own people. She is strong in aerial attacks.
  3. Rinwell – A young woman set on the journey to appeal to Cyclodia’s resistance. She belongs to Dahna, but she can use Astral Artes that exclusively belong to the people of Rena.
  4. Law – Known as snake eyes, he is from Dehna working in the police force of Rena. He has the ability to break the shields of enemies.
  5. Dohalim is an intellectual man fond of Dahna who excels in music, poetry, and antiques. He has the ability to block the enemies.
  6. Kisara – A woman from Dahna who serves under Dohalim and uses equipment crafted by the people of Rena.