How to fix Tales of Arise Controller Not Working Issue On Steam?

Developed by Namco Tales Studio as the seventeenth installment in the series Tales, Tales of Arise was released on 10th September 2021 on almost all platforms. This has emerged as one of the best recent fantasy role-playing games. With such an intriguing plot, Tales of Arise has been receiving a warm reception. The plot revolves around how the game characters unite in their journey to end the invasion of Renan’s over the planet Dahna.

The protagonist of this game is Allen, an amnesiac warrior with a steel mask. The game characters go through a lot of twists and turns, adding excitement to the game. The gamers are pretty much impressed with the game’s realistic gameplay with beautiful visuals. The only drawback of the game is that players feel difficult to dodge while fighting enemies.

How to fix Tales of Arise Controller Not Working Issue?

Tales of Arise Controller Issue

It has been reported that the players are facing controller issues with the game not being able to recognize their gamepad. This issue has become a spoken one in the steam community. Here we have provided you with an in-depth guide on resolving the controller not working issue. Check it out!

  • Click on settings. Choose the account option and click on change. Now opt-out of steam beta by setting it as None. ( Note that this is only if you have opted in Steam Beta)
  • If you are using multiple steam library folders, you need to click on settings and go to downloads. There click on the steam library folder and add library folder and point steam to all your steam games.
  • Now go to the game’s properties. Click on the controller option and enable the steam input.
  • Now it’s time to launch the game. If you are going to play the game for the first time, click on the new game. An option screen will appear, in which you have to select steam controller settings.
  • Now you need to browse configurations and pick the official configuration for Tales of Arise, which is meant for the gamepad you are using.
  • In case if you have played the game already, launch the game, press continue. Now select on the tab and then control. You can click and open the configuration setting and rectify the steam input like in the previous point.

Alternative Method:

It is also reported that instead of rectifying the configuration issue by tampering with steam input, you can move the game to Steam’s default installation folder. For instance, to Drive C, where the installation folder is located. Try this simple alternative method first,if this does not work, go for the detailed guide above.

We hope you get it! This is how you can fix the Tales of Arise controller issue.