Tales of arise Demo all bosses list 2021

As seen in our previous blog, Tales of Arise, the seventeenth in the Tales series, is all set to be launched on 10th September 2021. Tales of Arise, the game like its prequels, will be a 3D animated action-packed and fantasy-based role-playing game, the only exception for this game is that there will not be any multiplayer mode for this game like most of its prequels. This game features 6 playable protagonists/characters, each having unique attributes, skills, abilities, and perks. The six characters with whom you can begin the game are Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell, Law, Kisara, and Dohalim. Each character possesses unique combat skills, and you need to be careful in using the skills and abilities accordingly. The following are special characteristics for each of the six characters.

  1. Alphen – Fire Sword
  2. Shionne – Aerial Attack
  3. Rinwell – Prevents Enemies from casting
  4. Law – Breaks the shields of enemies
  5. Dohalim – Blocks the Enemies
Tales of arise Demo all bosses
All 6 Characters

Tales Of Arise Demo – All Bosses

Like the previous games in the series, you will have to battle the giant, wild, and powerful bosses after completing specific tasks and levels of the game. With the demo is out, here is a list of bosses you will need to defeat. (However, you will get to know and battle against all the bosses only after the full version is released.)

  • Relentless Charger
  • Mantis
  • Mesmald Secret Boss ( The secret Boss appears randomly)

Tales of arise Demo all bosses

Out of these three bosses accessible during the game’s demo version, Mesmald is the most powerful. Combos are really effective while battling the bosses. Make sure to swap your characters accordingly to the enemy’s abilities before the battle. You will also face troops like wild wolves and iron masks while completing the levels. Yes! The fantasy cum action-packed game will be a treat for all the players who love role-playing and thrilling adventures. The intense battle will be on soon!