The Best fuse combo to get golden agony in pet simulator x

The awesome Roblox game Pet Simulator X with the recent update has become the most popular game in its series and one of the greatest hits for the developer, The BIG games Simulator. We all know that this game is solely based on pets. The different varieties of pets, their unique features, levels, powers add more to the fascination of the game.

Along with the recent update of the game, it is reportedly said that we can equip up to more than 600 different pets including the legendaries and the mythical type(s). Yes, that’s right! We bet that this particular quantity of pets available in the game adds so much fun to the game. The fan community following the recent update is in the ultimate quest for discovering and equipping the mythical phantom wolf. However, little do they know that they need the legendary golden Agony first in order to fuse and obtain the mythical pet.

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We are happy for those who have the legendary golden agony and we are extremely happy for those who have captured the mythical pet already. Here we have come up with the methods to follow for the fans who have not yet equipped the golden agony. For that first, you need to know what the fusing method is all about and how it works. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that the fusing technique or mechanism can be accessed only after you reach area three which is the beach. Once you unlock the beach area, you can find the fusing place on the right side. There you can start fusing your pets. You need a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 pets to fuse. Fusing involves the emerging of multiple pets to obtain one single pet that is more likely to be powerful. It costs 2500 gems to fuse your pets for a single time.

The Best fuse combo to get golden agony

Follow these 3 simple and different combinations of fusion techniques to obtain your legendary golden agony.

Best Fusion Combo Methods:

  • 8 Willow Wisp
  • 6 Willow Wisps + 6 Skells
  • 10 Golden Reapers or 10 Ghosts + 1 Rainbow Skell [ Most Effective ]

We hope you get it!