The Breaker Season 3 Chapter 21 Release Date & Spoilers

The Breaker Eternal Force is the title of the third season of Geukjin Jeon’s superhit manhwa series The Breaker. Jinhwan Park created the illustrations for this manhwa. This manhwa series first aired in 2007. The first season concluded in 2010, and the second began in 2015. The third season of the story began in May 2022. In this post we discuss the breaker season 3 chapter 21 spoilers & release date. 

What is the story of this webtoon?

The Breaker takes place in a parallel universe where martial arts organizations have established their own world and government. However, they are corrupt, self-centered, and greedy, and they will kill or harm others for personal gain and power. Shi Woon Lee, a high school student, becomes engrossed in the martial arts world.

Shi Woon Lee was frequently bullied and harassed at school. When he decides to improve his strength, he meets Han Chun Woo, the world’s most powerful martial artist. Han Chun Woo is a vengeful man who reluctantly takes Shi Woon Lee as a disciple. Due to a series of unfortunate events, Han Chun Woo dismisses Shi Woon Lee as his disciple.

Shi Woon Lee, on the other hand, refuses to give up and is determined to make a name for himself and gain allies in this corrupt world. He saves a high school student named Ha Jae from committing suicide as a result of bullying, and Ha Jae goes on to join the martial arts world. But Ha Jae is different and very powerful, and he wants to know why it is so.

The Breaker Eternal Force Manhwa Status

The third season of the show debuted in May 2022, seven years after the second season ended. Fans were taken aback because there had been very little new content in the previous seven years. This manhwa currently consists of 20 chapters. The manhwa’s twenty-first chapter will be published soon.

The Breaker Season 3 Eternal Force Chapter 21 Release Date and Spoilers 

Because the series’ staff has not announced any upcoming breaks, fans can expect to read the next chapter of this series on its usual schedule. As a result, Chapter 21 will most likely be released by 20 August 2022. Fans can read the manhwa on The Breaker’s official website.

The previous chapter continued with the fight between Shi Woon Lee and President Yang. Things are getting more heated as the fight continues. It seems like President Yang is about to get serious. The next chapter will continue with their fight and bring it a step closer to the end.