The Cause Of Teleportation Incident And The Person Behind It In Mushoku Tensei!

Teleportation Incident in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is the very first turning point in Rudeus’s life. Everyone in the affected area of this incident got teleported to random locations around the globe. The same happened with Rudeus, Eris and both of their families and friends. Today in this article we will learn the cause and the person behind this Teleportation Incident.

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What Is Teleportation Incident In Mushoku Tensei?

Teleportation Incident

Mana Calamity Teleportation Incident is one of the most important events that influenced Rudy’s life a lot. This mana calamity occurred in the Fittoa region of the Asura kingdom in K417. This incident transported citizens to random locations around the globe. This also resulted in quite a lot of casualties!

What Caused This Incident To Happen?

Teleportation Incident

The destruction and despair brought by this incident will be remembered by several generations in the world of Mushoku Tensei. That’s just how horrible this was! Before discussing anything further about this incident we must know what caused the Teleportation Incident to happen in Buena village of Fittoa region, Asura kingdom! If we dive deeper into the series then we will find out that these incidents are actually the result of something that happened 80 years in the future. Now let’s know how these Teleportation Incidents started occurring around the world!

How Did Teleportation Incidents Start Occurring Around The World?

Teleportation Incident

At the time a specific nation was engaged in war and and made use of an individual named “Playback Miko” to summon a boy from another world who was their supposed saviour. Miko grew closer to him and eventually fell in love with this hero. However, this hero is just a normal human being with no miraculous powers. He was forced to go to the battlefield by higher authorities.

Ultimately he met his untimely and unfortunate demise. This left Miko heartbroken and shocked! She in disbelief used up all of her powers to bend literally time and space. She did so to alter the world to the one in which the boy might live and both of them spend their rest of life living happily together.

She found an individual with the same feelings as her towards that boy. This individual was actually that boy’s girlfriend from his original world. Miko tried to summon her in her current timeline so that she could set things up. However, as expected she wasn’t able to do so as the world itself rebelled against her.

However, because of the over usage of Miko’s powers a rift in time and space opened allowing a foreign soul from Japan to enter into the body of a boy named Rudeus Greyrat. However, the Teleportation Incident had yet to take place. After the rift served its purpose by summoning the boy’s girlfriend the seemingly visible orb of mana burst, causing the Teleportation Incident that we know of!

The Person Behind This Teleportation Incident!

The person behind this Teleportation Incident is none other than the “Playback Miko.” This is so because she tried to change the inevitable. She tried to escape the reality by changing her destiny with her powers. But that was simply not possible!

Bringing back the dead is already impossible as it is. However, completely altering the whole wide world to one’s liking is just too massive of a goal. We are not saying that she is completely in the wrong. However, Playback Miko is definitely the one who caused the Teleportation Incident.

There are many things that can be appraised of Miko’s character like her loyalty and even going to the extreme when it comes to love. Not everyone can do it! However, she definitely did it! That’s it for today as it’s almost time to wrap up this article.

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