Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter After Anime Season 1 Episode 24, Is Takemichi Dead / Does Takemichi Die and More

Tokyo Revengers, one of the most popular anime of the Spring 2021 season, has concluded with the final episode today. However, it was not the end for the anime as it left us with a big cliffhanger at the end, which confirms the happening of season 2 very soon. The cliffhanger was Chifuyu and Takemichi’s encounter with Kisaki Tetta in the future, where Kisaki shots down Chifuyu. Then, he bids farewell to Takemichi, and we hear the sound of a gunshot with the screen going blackout. Manga readers are well aware of the conclusion, but those who don’t read manga are shocked. They are trying to find out Is Takemichi Dead / Does Takemichi Die Along in Tokyo Revengers Final. What will happen in Tokyo Revengers Season 2 if Takemichi is dead already?

Tokyo revengers season 2 spoilers – Is Takemichi Dead / Does Takemichi Die.

Now coming to the question Is Takemichi Dead / Does Takemichi Die ?. The answer is NO, Takemichi won’t die in Tokyo Revengers season 2. If he gets killed, then he won’t be able to go back to the past again. Kazutora will save him from Kisaki. Wondering how ?. For this, you will have to wait till the season, or you can read Tokyo Revenger Manga after Season 1 Episode 24.

Is Takemichi Dead
Tokyo Revengers Episode 24

Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter After Season 1 Episode 24

You can start the manga right after anime season 1, Episode 24, and see what happens to Takemichi and how Kazutora saves him. The last episode adapts manga chapter 73, which means you should start reading manga from chapter 74. It will be a fun ride.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 24 Recap

Mikey announces the merging of Toman and Valhall into a 450 person group. Chifuyu himself becomes vice commander of the first division and appoints Takemichi as his captain. Takemichi believes that he has finally saved Hinata and then returns to the future. He finds himself as the top dog of Toman and sees that Mikey has disappeared and Kisaki is Toman’s leader in Mikey’s absence. Kisaki abducts Takemichi and Chifuyu, tells them that he planned Baji’s death, and then shoots Chifuyu for secretly working against him. Then he calls him “my hero” before the screen cuts to black and a gunshot is heard.