Top 10 Anticipated Fall 2022 Anime To Watch Out For

The season of Fall 2022 is going to be a big one for anime fans. From sequels of some very amazing series to original anime shows, it is going to offer a ton of series for fans to check out. While everyone knows about some of the most popular releases of Fall 2022, like Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War Arc, My Hero Academia Season 6, Spy X Family Season 1 Part 2, etc, there are many new upcoming shows in the lineup as well. Here are 10 of the new anime shows of Fall 2022 that are worth checking out.

Top 10 Anticipated Fall 2022 Anime To Watch Out For

10. I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills

Top 10 Anticipated Fall 2022 Anime

  • Release Date: 1 October 2022
  • Author: Shobonnu
  • Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

To progress from bottom-class to top-class farmer, our protagonist Aru Wayn leveled up his agricultural skills and, on occasion, his other skills by assisting his friends. His life changes one day when his last skill level reaches MAX. Shockingly, this only happens when he has decided to give up everything and live as a normal farmer.

9. More Than A Married Couple, But Not Lovers

Top 10 Anticipated Fall 2022 Anime

  • Release Date: 9 October 2022
  • Author: Yuki Kanamaru
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy 

Third-year Jirou Yakuin is assigned to Akari Watanabe, a “gyaru” who couldn’t be more different from him in a society where high school students are paired with partners for “marriage training.” On the other hand, the top ten performers are allowed to switch partners, so the desperate duo pretends to be a perfect couple to win over their respective crushes.

8. Beast Tamer

Top 10 Anticipated Fall 2022 Anime

  • Release Date: 2 October 2022
  • Author: Suzu Miyama
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy 

Rein is a beast tamer who was kicked out of the hero’s party because he only can form contracts with animals. He rescues Kanade, a member of the cat tribe who becomes his companion while looking for work. Rein gains some of her powers after entering into a contract with a member of one of the strongest races. They then embark on their journey together.

7. Shinobi No Ittoki

Top 10 Anticipated Fall 2022 Anime

  • Release Date: 4 October 2022
  • Author: Minato Takano, DMM Pictures
  • Genre: Action, Thriller

After an assassination attempt, Ittoki Sakaruba discovers that he is a direct descendant of and rightful heir to the Iga Ninja clan. His mother sends him to Ninjutsu Gakuen, Japan’s only national ninja school, to study and train as a ninja while investigations are conducted to determine who is attempting to kill him and why. But he isn’t safe there, as there seems to be a traitor in their midst.

6. Urusei Yatsura 

Top 10 Anticipated Fall 2022 Anime

  • Release Date: October 2022
  • Author: Rumiko Takahashi
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Ataru Moroboshi’s supernatural encounters with the feminine kind begin when he is chosen to play tag with Lum, an alien princess who invades the earth on her UFO. Ataru has ten days to touch Lum’s horns or the earth will be taken over by aliens. The game of tag, it turns out, is only the beginning of Ataru’s problems, as he continues to have strange encounters with otherworldly beings.

5. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury

Top 10 Anticipated Fall 2022 Anime

  • Release Date: 2 October 2022
  • Author: Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Genre: Mecha, Military, Science fiction 

A.S. (Ad Stella) 122 is a time in which many corporations entered space and built a massive economic system. A lone girl from Mercury transfers to the Asticassia School of Technology, which is run by the Beneritt Group, which controls the mobile suit industry. Suletta Mercury is her name. This girl walks through a new world with a scarlet light burning in her pure heart.

4. Reincarnated As A Sword

  • Release Date: 5 October 2022
  • Author: Yuu Tanaka
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure 

A magical sword reincarnated as a sentient weapon with memories of his previous life but no name saves a young beast girl from slavery. Fran, the cat-eared girl, becomes his wielder and is only interested in growing stronger, while the sword is curious as to why he is here. The strange pair’s journey has only just begun.

3. The Eminence In Shadow

  • Release Date: 5 October 2022
  • Author: Daisuke Aizawa
  • Genre: Dark fantasy, Action, Comedy 

Cid wants nothing more than to become a Shadowbroker, someone who seems completely ordinary and unremarkable but controls everything from behind the scenes. Too bad for him, Shadowbrokers exist only in fantasy and the real world is tedious. But a deadly road accident lands Cid in an alternate reality. His wish just might be fulfilled now.

2. Blue Lock

  • Release Date: 9 October 2022
  • Author: Muneyuki Kaneshiro
  • Genre: Sports, Thriller 

The Japanese team performed abysmally in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As a result, the Japanese Football Union requests that Ego Jinpachi train football players improve player efficiency and increase the Japanese football team’s chances of winning the next FIFA World Cup. Yoichi Isagi, a high school student, joins the program to pursue his dream of becoming the best football player in the world.

1. Chainsaw Man 

  • Release Date: 12 October 2022
  • Author: Tatsuki Fujimoto
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror

Denji is a teen who lives with Pochita, a Chainsaw Devil. Due to his father’s debt, he has been living in squalor while repaying his debt by harvesting devil corpses with Pochita. Denji is betrayed and killed one day. As his consciousness fades, he makes a deal with Pochita and is resurrected as “Chainsaw Man”.