Top 10 Best 3-Gatsu No Lion Characters

3-Gatsu No Lion or March Comes In Like A Lion is a very popular manga and anime series by Chica Umino. This series focuses on a professional shogi player who lost his family at a young age and lived with a foster family. But due to pressure and stress, he left that family as soon as he could. He is a depressed loner who ends up meeting a trio of sisters who show him how to live a happy life. Here are the top 10 3-Gatsu No Lion Characters.

Top 10 Best 3-Gatsu No Lion Characters

10. Kyouko Kouda

3-Gatsu No Lion Characters

Kyouko Kouda is Rei Kiriyama’s foster sister and his shogi teacher’s daughter. Despite having grown up together, Kyouko and Rei do not have a good relationship. She is a proud individual who felt that Rei’s presence harmed their family as her father favored Rei over his own children. She possesses a complex personality which makes her both unlikable and pitiable to many.

9. Masachika Kouda

Masachika Kouda was the friend and shogi rivaj of Rei Kiriyama’s father. After the Kiriyama family, except Rei, passed away, Masachika Kouda took Rei in and raised him as his child. He was also the one who taught Rei how to play shogi and helped him become a professional as a teenager. But his actions also inadvertently caused tension and resentment in his family. 

8. Kai Shimada

3-Gatsu No Lion Characters

Kai Shimada is a professional shogi player with a calm and serene personality. He has a very plain personality and doesn’t seem to be especially intimidating. But his presence becomes very severe when he is playing shogi. He has a very calm personality and loves to help his fellow players, especially juniors, become better players.

7. Someji Kawamoto 

The eldest Kawamoto in the story, Someji is the Kawamoto sisters’ grandfather- the father of their mother. After his son-in-law left his daughter for another woman, Someji looked after his daughter and granddaughters. He loves them all deeply and wishes to look after them for as long as he can. He also cares about Rei Kiriyama deeply and trusts him to look after his granddaughters.

6. Takashi Hayashida

Takashi Hayashida is Rei Kiriyama’s homeroom teacher in high school. He is an enthusiastic and optimistic individual. He is also shown to be very supportive of his students, giving them advice and helping them when they are dealing with any problems. Takashi is also a shogi enthusiast and knew about Rei’s professional playing.

5. Harunobu Nikaidou

3-Gatsu No Lion Characters

Harunobu Nikaidou is Rei Kiriyama’s best friend and shogi rival. He was frequently sick as a child but still possesses an optimistic and friendly personality. He is also a stubborn and emotional person who met Rei in a tournament when they were children. Harunobu wishes to best Rei in shogi but doesn’t let the competition between them harm their friendship.

4. Hinata Kawamoto 

3-Gatsu No Lion Characters

Hinata Kawamoto, or simply Hina, is the middle one of the Kawamoto sisters. She has a lively disposition and in the story, she serves as the catalyst that promotes and encourages the emotional growth and changes in the protagonist. She has a strong character and believes in doing what is right. Hina is also the love interest of Rei Kiriyama.

3. Akari Kawamoto


3-Gatsu No Lion Characters

Akari Kawamoto is the eldest of the Kawamoto sisters. Since the sisters lost their parents at a young age due to different reasons, Akari started looking after the family and became a mother figure for her sisters. Despite this, they still have more of a sibling bond with each other. Akari is a kind and helpful young woman. She is the one who first met Rei Kiriyama and introduced him to her family.

2. Momo Kawamoto

In a series that focuses on issues like childhood trauma and depression, Momo Kawamoto serves as a beacon of happiness and sunshine. A fan favorite, she is the youngest in the family and is very loved and cared for by her family. Momo is usually seen with either of her sisters in the story. She is the baby of the family and brings a hopeful and happy tone to the story.

1. Rei Kiriyama

3-Gatsu No Lion Characters

Rei Kiriyama is the protagonist of the series. A prodigious shogi player and a renowned genius, professionally, Rei has everything one could hope to have to be successful. But his tragic childhood harmed his emotional and social development massively. He is an introvert who had a pessimistic view of life. His journey from a depressed loner to someone who found beauty in life and companionship again is beautiful and inspiring.

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