Top 10 Best Mature Anime On Crunchyroll Ranked [2023]

When it comes to anime or any other form of entertainment they are generally classified into two types. One that is suitable for children and doesn’t contain any potentially harmful themes like excessive violence, blood or sexual content. And then there is a second type of entertainment in which every adult theme is also included making it suitable for a mature fanbase. Today’s article is about the latter one of the statements given above. In today’s article, we will be looking into the Top 10 Best Mature Anime On Crunchyroll. So, make sure to read until the very end as this article is going to be very interesting. Now, without any further delay, let’s proceed with this article!

1. Magical Sempai

Mature Anime On Crunchyroll

One day, an unmotivated and laid-back first-year high school boy finds his sempai practicing magic tricks. He then comes to know that she is the only remaining member of the Magic Club. This sempai of his is always anxious to perform on the stage in front of an audience. So, she was practicing some magic tricks all alone to muster the courage for a live stage performance.

Later on, she forces the boy to join the Magic Club and recruits him as her assistant despite him showing reluctance. This show is a comedy anime with a dash of ecchi elements which will surely entertain you. Watch how she overcomes her stage fright only on Magical Sempai!

2. Citrus

Mature Anime On Crunchyroll

This anime series is about a girl named Yuzu Aihara. She is fashionable and a charming city girl. After her mother’s remarriage, she transferred to a new high school and house. She struggles to fit in her new school which is a conservative all-girls school because of her being acquainted with boys too much all these years.

She frequently clashes with the student council of this school. However, when the student council president, Mei Aihara who is a hard-working and beautiful girl is revealed to be the new stepsister of Yuzu the relationship status between these then changes forever! You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll for free but an average of 2-3 ads will be shown in between the episode which can ruin your experience. So, it is suggested to buy a subscription for the said platform. Make sure to watch this anime as it will keep you hooked!

3. Domestic Girlfriend

This anime is about a high school student, Natsuo Fujii who is in love with his teacher Hina Tachibana. In fact, the start of the series is pretty wild as the protagonist Natsuo does the deed with a girl named Rui! Later on in the series, the relationship status changes drastically as Natsuo’s dad marries another woman making her the stepmother of Natsuo. Even this was not the main thing that hanged Natsuo’s life forever.

The twist here is that both Rui and Hina are blood-related sisters and daughters of the woman to whom Natsuo’s father remarried! This means that now the teacher whom Natuso loved, Hina and the girl who had Natsuo’s first time, Rui both became his sisters! Can Natsuo’s life get any worse? Yes, it will get even worse as he discovers the dark secrets surrounding his first and last crush Hina.

Rui Tachibana also develops feelings for Natsuo during the course of the series. Can Natsuo fulfill his unrequited love? Will Hina respond to Natsuo’s feelings? The only way to know the answers to those questions is to go and watch Domestic Girlfriend right now!

4. Netsuzou Trap – NTR

Mature Anime On Crunchyroll

This anime series shows us the story of two high school girls named Yuma and Hotaru. Both of these girls have been close friends since their childhood and Yuma would protect Hotaru from bullies and such. She considered protecting Hotaru as her job and has been doing so ever since! The relationship of these two starts to change once both of them enter their high school life.

Yuma because she recently got a boyfriend and is nervous about it asks Hotaru to help her with a “Dress Rehearsal.” This results in a deep kiss between the both of them. Yuma who is an honest girl was troubled by this fact. She worried what would be her boyfriend’s reaction if he found out.

At the same time, she wondered why this kiss with Hotaru felt much better than with her boyfriend. Later on, Yuma would go on to realize this strange feeling inside her. The events that take place in this series are sure to make anyone blush and tingle with excitement. Make sure to give this series a try!

5. Berserk 

Best Mature Anime

Berserk is a dark fantasy series that revolves around its male lead character Guts. In this series, Guts who after being Branded goes on a journey to take revenge against his once best friend and boss The White Hawk, Griffith. The story begins with newborn Guts being found by her foster mother under a pile of corpses. She takes care of Guts for some time but succumbs to the deadly disease of plague.

At that time Guts was accused of his mother’s death and was called a harbinger of misfortune and death! After his mother’s death Guts spent his entire childhood fighting for his foster father on the battlefield. He learned the ways of mercenary! Some time passes by and adult Guts after encountering and losing against Griffith is forced to join The Bank Of The Hawk!

His days in the band became the best time in his entire life filled with tons of memories. Over time, Griffith also becomes Guts’ best friend and Guts starts to trust him with every fiber of his being. However, this trust is soon going to be betrayed by Griffith as he goes on to become the ultimate evil in order to establish his own kingdom. Griffith is eventually revealed as the ultimate evil and kills the entire Band Of The Hawk.

Even then he wasn’t satisfied, so he goes on to r*pe Casca, Gut’s girlfriend. All of these happened in front of Gut’s eyes as he was lying helpless on the ground screaming at Griffith that he would kill him no matter what! After that, both Guts and Casca were Branded which is basically that both of these will be hunted by the restless souls during nighttime for the rest of their lives. Witness Gut’s journey of Vendetta full of blood and violence only on Crunchyroll!

6. Redo Of Healer 

Best Mature Anime

If you looking for an anime with a lot of uncensored 18+ scenes then your best bet would be Redo Of Healer! This anime is about how Keyaru a healing magician takes his revenge upon everyone who ruined his life. Keyaru was sexually and mentally abused and harassed by others because of him being a Healing Magician. The Healing Mages are considered as the weakest class of Mages and are mistreated and discriminated against.

However, Keyaru notices something mysterious and powerful that lay dormant in his Healing Magic. He goes back four years and takes revenge against all those who harassed him making his life miserable. He decides to redo everything and take down the corrupted empire!

7. High School DxD

Best Mature Anime

This story revolves around its male lead Issei Hyodo, a perverted high school student who desires to have his own harem. However, he gets killed on his very first date by the girl whom he was dating. This girl was in fact a fallen angel. However, Issei is revived by the beautiful Devil Princess, Rias Gremory, and becomes her servant.

Through the course of the series, Issei’s relationship with Rias continues to grow and will eventually blossom into the flower of love. This series is not at all suited for children as there are way too many adult themes like nudity, blood violence, etc. However, an adult fan can surely enjoy this series to its fullest. You can stream this series right now only on Crunchyroll! So, what are you waiting for? Go watch it right now!

8. Yosuga No Sora 

This is a story about the two twins who lost their parents in a car accident. After this incident, they moved to their grandparent’s countryside residence. They try their best to get the scattered shards of their life together again. However, many difficulties stand in their way.

Haruka Kasugano moves forward in his life while holding on to the memories of the fleeting past. He does his best to protect her sister and give her all the support she wants. As the story goes on, it tells four different stories. And in every one of these stories, the main girl is changed every time.

The four girls around which these arcs are centered are, Kazuha Migiwa, Akira Amatsume, Nao Yorihime, and last but not least Haruka’s sister Sora Kasugano.

9. High School Of The Dead 

This anime is set in present-day Japan which is not in a very great condition! From the beginning of this anime, the entirety of the world succumbs to a very deadly pandemic that turns humans into zombies! The plot follows a group of high schoolers who try to survive this apocalypse. However, that is not all as there are several challenges that these high schoolers will face such as confronting the dangerous humans who survived the pandemic.

Can these kids keep their convictions in check as society slowly crumbles down? Watch High School Of The Dead on Crunchyroll to find that out!

10. Code Geass

Best Mature Anime

Code Geass is about the revolutionary Lelouch Vi Brittania who changes the world with his great deeds. This series is for a mature fanbase as kids or children will most probably not be able to grasp the meaning behind Lelouch’s actions that he takes throughout the series. Also, this series is too violent and complex for a kid to comprehend! From Lelouch’s grand entry to his final and great exit, every single moment of this anime is a masterpiece.

Lelouch is a character who is loved by many and will continue to be loved. Become a part of the amazing community of Code Geass by watching this marvelous anime only on Crunchyroll!

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