Top 10 Delinquent MCs Like Hanamichi Sakuragi From Slam Dunk

Hanamichi Sakuragi is the protagonist of the Slam Dunk series. He is the typical protagonist of that period – simple, naive, aggressive, overconfident, unable to accept defeat, but sincere, determined, and loyal to the end. But his most prominent trait is his delinquency. Before he joined his team, Hanamichi Sakuragi was a delinquent who picked fights left and right. Here are top 10 delinquent MCs who are like Hanamichi Sakuragi.

Top 10 Delinquent MCs Like Hanamichi Sakuragi From Slam Dunk

Yusuke Uremeshi (Yu Yu Hakusho)

top Delinquent MCs Like Hanamichi Sakuragi

Yusuke Uremeshi is the main character of the Yu Yu Hakusho series. He started off as a delinquent who constantly got into fights with other gangs in his neighborhood. But it is later revealed that Yusuke is a very kindhearted individual who risked his life to save a little boy. After he dies and gets a second chance as a spirit detective, he learns to be more than a delinquent while also retaining his original traits.

Eikichi Onizuka (Great Teacher Onizuka)

top Delinquent MCs Like Hanamichi Sakuragi

Eikichi Onizuka is the protagonist of the GTO series. He used to be the leader of the Oni-Baku gang as a teenager. He is a well-respected and revered teacher known for teaching his students important life lessons. Despite his eccentricities, Eikichi is still feared as an ex-delinquent for his expertise in martial arts.

Tatsumi Oga (Beelzebub)

top Delinquent MCs Like Hanamichi Sakuragi

Tatsumi Oga is the main character of the Beelzebub series. He is a high school student in a school well-known for delinquents. He is one of the strongest fighters there. While he never starts a fight, he always wins when challenged. Tatsumi has a sadist personality and appears to be uncaring and unkind but looks after his close ones in his own way.

Jotaro Kujo (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jotaro Kujo is the protagonist of the third part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. He is introduced as a delinquent with an aloof and uncaring personality. He is also an extremely intelligent, perceptive, and quick-witted individual with a kind heart. Usually, he remains so cool and composed that most people mistake him for being callous.

Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom)

Karma Akabane is the deuteragonist of the Assassination Classroom series. He is a genius student, excellent in academics as well as in physical prowess. But he has a violent and unpredictable personality. Despite being somewhat sadistic, Karma is extremely loyal and protective of his friends and is willing to do anything to achieve his goals.

Kenji Harima (School Rumble)

Kenji Harima appears in the School Rumble series as its deuteragonist. He used to be a famous delinquent as a middle school student but later reformed himself. While he has given up on delinquency, he still has an intimidating appearance. He is also a very kind individual who has an exceptional talent for fighting.

Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

The main character of the Bleach series is Ichigo Kurosaki. He began as a delinquent-like character with a rude personality who frequently got into fights. But he was also a very kind person who always helped others, especially the spirits of the dead he could see around him. While he is rude, obnoxious, and pretty simple-minded, Ichigo will do anything for his loved ones.

Haru Yoshida (My Little Monster)

Haru Yoshida is the male protagonist of My Little Monster. The story begins with his introduction as a delinquent who got suspended from school due to getting into a violent fight. He initially appears as an intimidating and crazy person, but his personality later turns out to be quite naïve and socially awkward.

Ash Lynx (Banana Fish)

Ash Lynx or Aslan Jade Callenreese is one of the main characters of the Banana Fish series. While a delinquent, Ash is an extremely charismatic individual, who is capable of making many people follow his leadership. Ash is also incredibly intelligent, and also very well-read, especially for someone who didn’t fish his schooling.

Kenji Kazama (D-Frag!)

Kenji Kazama is a high student who is the leader of the Kazama Party, a delinquent group. He is a well-known delinquent in his neighborhood. While he is usually loud, aggressive, and proud, Kenji also has a helpful, kind, and respectful side. He dreams of becoming the strongest person in the school someday.

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