Top 10 Most Valuable Pets in Pet Simulator X 2021

Pet Simulator X is the latest in the Pet Simulator series created by BIG Games. The game features several different pets with different stats. While some of the pets are very powerful, some are super rare. Some pets can be worth over a billion diamonds, or you can simply trade them from other players.If you are lucky enough, you can a rare and valuable pet for free through trading!

Top 10 Most Valuable Pets in Pet Simulator X

We have come across some really crazy and powerful pets so far in Pet Simulator X. The values of the pets can alter within a day. These values entirely depend on the owner of those pets and are not stable at all. Let us look at the latest top 10 most valuable and costly pets in Pet Simulator X.

Most valuable pets in Pet Simulator X

  1.  Rainbow Huge Cats: This is the most valuable pet in Pet Simulator X as players are offering 5-6 huge cats in exchange for a huge rainbow cat. They can be worth up to 6 billion diamonds. This pet is a hundred times rarer than huge cats.
  2. The Rainbow Blue Mascot: This is one of the rarest pets as only one or two people have the rainbow blue mascot. You have to buy the exclusive of Preston’s avatar, which costs many Robux.
  3. The Golden Blue Mascot: This pet currently worths more than a billion diamonds. Not many players have them, and also, they have high stats.
  4. The Dominus Astro with charm enchantment: This can be a glitched pet worthing almost equivalent to two huge cats. This is a very rare pet but has few demands as players do not want to get into trouble by having it.
  5. The Huge Cat: Currently the huge cat is worth over a billion diamonds. This pet has attractive stats and is pretty much in demand.
  6. Golden Signature Big Mascot: The current value of this pet is 50 m diamonds. The value was higher than the dominus astro pet earlier. It is one of the rarest pets in-game.
  7. The Blue Big Mascot: The signature blue head mask of the blue mascot is over 300 m diamonds. At present, only 100 players have this pet, and it is considered very rare in Pet Simulator X.
  8. The Dominus Astro: The current value is rising over 200 m diamonds. This pet is the first third-tier exclusive. This is one of the expensive pets for now.
  9. The Stormwolf: The current value of the Stormwolf is slightly more than the galaxy dragon. This pet is the third third-tier exclusive that was introduced right after the Galaxy dragon pet.
  10. The Galaxy Dragon: The current value of galaxy dragons is 70 m diamonds. This pet is the second third-tier exclusive pet to come in-game.