Top 10 Rarest Pets in Adopt Me 2021

Developed by DreamCraft and Roblox, created on 14th July 2017 and with a very recent update on 1st September 2021, Adopt Me is the most popular and intriguing game in the Roblox gaming platform, having been visited by about 25 Billion people and remaining as the most favorite game for about 22 Billion players. This is indeed the wow factor of this awesome game, Adopt Me

Top 10 Rarest Pets in Adopt Me 2021

You all must be familiar with this exciting multiplayer, role-playing game that includes a variety of amazing pets. This game is all about adopting and taking care of virtual pets. Here we have provided you with a list of the top 10 rarest pets in the game. Check them out! Note: Values are constantly changing.

Top 10 Rarest Pets in Adopt Me!

Number #10  Monkey Fairground

This is a legendary let that was made available during the monkey fairground event 2020. It wasn’t easy getting the monkey king as you need to open monkey boxes costing 195 Robux each and get 3 legendary staff ingredients for it. On average you needed to open up 60 boxes to get the ingredients, costing upwards of 11,000 Robux. It has a trading value of 30 it’s worth about 3 turtles and would take about 4 to 5 tier legendary pets to get a single turtle so you could trade a neon dragon or a neon kitsune for one turtle. Do this 3 more times and you’ll have enough for a monkey king.

Number #9 Winter Hedgehog

Hedgehog is an ultra-rare pet that has made it to the top 10 list. This pet was added during the Christmas 2019 event and could be bought for 80,500 gingerbread. This pet has a trade value of 40 so worth 4 turtles or a single neon turtle.

Number #8 Crow

This legendary pet is available from the farm egg. Like the eggs, you only had a 3percent chance of hatching a legendary from it. The farm egg had 2 legendary pets, rather than just the one lowering your actual chances of getting a crow to 1.5 percent. This pet has a trading value of 50 worth 5 turtles or a monkey king plus 2 turtles.

Number #7 Evil Unicorn

This is a legendary pet from the Halloween 2019 event and could be obtained by exchanging. This was the second most expensive pet that can be purchased with candy. This has a trade value of 60: Trade 6 turtles, a crow, and a turtle for one.

Number #6 Parrot ( Jungle Egg)

The parrot was released in August 2019 and was the second egg to appear in the gumball machine. This has a trade value of 70, worth about a monkey king plus a hedgehog or 7 turtles.

Number #5 Owl

The second legendary pet from the farmer egg to feature on top 10. The other was the crow, like the crow you and 1.5 percent of getting this egg but due to sheer demand on the owl this pushed its trade value up to 80, basically 2 neon turtles or a crow plus a king monkey.

Number #4 Frost Dragon

This legendary pet was introduced during the winter update of 2019. It requires 1000 Robux to purchase. The trade value of this pet is 100 worth 10 turtles on our scale of 2 crows. The frost dragon also has its frost breath trick once it’s fully grown.

Number #3 Giraffe

It’s a legendary pet from the Safari egg that can be obtained through the gumball machine. It was the first limited legendary pet in the game, making it super rare and valuable. This has a trade value of 180. Due to the high value of this pet, we’re now using frost dragons to represent 10 turtles. So in total, we are looking at 18 turtles. A common trade will be a frost dragon and an owner.

Number #2 Bat Dragon

It’s a bat dragon! The bat dragon was also available during the Halloween of 2019 and could be bought, costing 180,000 candy compared to the 108,000 of the evil unicorn. This pet has a trade value of 280, with 2 frost dragons and 8 turtles on our scale. A typical trade will be a giraffe plus a frost dragon.

Number #1 Shadow Dragon

The shadow dragon was released during the same Halloween event of 2019. This pet cost 1000 Robux to get. This is hands down the most expensive pet in the game. We have a trade value of 380. You have to trade the 2nd and 4th most expensive pets, the bat dragon and the frost dragon. On our scale it’s 3 frost dragons, 8 turtles, or its value in turtles alone it’s 38 turtles which works out 2 mega and 1 neon and 2 more individual turtles.

We hope you get it! Give it a shot to discover and hatch the eggs that give you these rarest pets!