Top 10 Retro Anime Like Urusei Yatsura : Recommendation List

Urusei Yatsura is a supernatural romantic comedy. When earth faces the threat of alien invasion, a game is proposed to give them a chance. If the human contestant wins, the aliens will leave them alone, but if the alien contestant wins, the earth will be taken over. Ataru Moroboshi wins against Lum but accidentally proposes marriage to get as well. Here are 10 other anime shows like Urusei Yatsura.

Top 10 Anime Like Urusei Yatsura

Ranma 1/2

Anime Like Urusei Yatsura

  • Rating: 3.9/5
  • Author: Rumiko Takahashi 
  • Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Number of episodes: 161

Ranma has been trained in martial arts since he was a child. He grew up to be a rash and masculine teen. But when he was training in China, he fell into a hot spring that cursed him to turn into a woman whenever he was hit by cold water. To make things wise, his father decides to take him back to Japan to meet his fiancee.

Ms Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 

Anime Like Urusei Yatsura

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Author: coolkyousinjya
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy 
  • Number of episodes: 25

Miss Kobayashi is an ordinary office worker who lives alone in her small apartment until she saves a female dragon’s life in distress. Tohru, the dragon, can magically transform into a human girl who, whether she likes it or not, will do anything to repay Miss Kobayashi’s debt of gratitude. With a persistent and amorous dragon as a roommate, Miss Kobayashi’s normal life is about to take a turn for the worse.


Anime Like Urusei Yatsura

  • Rating: 3.9/5
  • Author: Rumiko Takahashi 
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Historical
  • Number of episodes: 193

Kagome Higurashi is a high school student who falls into the well of her family’s shrine and gets transported to the feudal era. There, she frees the half-demon Inuyasha and learns that she is the reincarnation of the famous priestess Kikyou, who was Inuyasha’s ex-lover and the one who sealed him. She bears the Shikon Jewel, which Kikyou died to protect. But when the jewel breaks and its shards get thrown across the land, Kagome and Inuyasha must work together to avoid disaster.

Kamisama Kiss

Anime Like Urusei Yatsura

  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Author: Julietta Suzuki
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy
  • Number of episodes: 39

Nanami Momozono is a poor high school student with a gambling-addicted father. One day, her father takes off, leaving her to fend for herself. Now homeless, she saves the mysterious Mikage who tells her to take over his home as thanks. But Nanami soon learns that Mikage is a god who disappeared a decade ago, leaving his familiar Tomoe to deal with their shrine work. And he has passed on his godhood to her.

Fruits Basket

Anime Like Urusei Yatsura

  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Author: Natsuki Takaya
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama 
  • Number of episodes: 63

Tohru Honda thought her life was doomed when a family tragedy forced her to live in a tent. When the mysterious Soma clan discovers her small home, she finds herself living with Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma. But she soon discovers that their family has a peculiar secret of their own: when hugged by the opposite sex, they transform into the animals of the Zodiac.

UFO Baby

Anime Like Urusei Yatsura

  • Rating: 3.8/5
  • Author: Mika Kawamura
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of life 
  • Number of episodes: 78

Miyu’s parents are very focused on their dreams, thus they leave her behind to stay with their friends and relatives while they work. But when she arrives at her new residence, her caretaker takes off for a pilgrimage, leaving her to live with his son Kanata. But when an alien shuttle with an alien baby crashes near their house, they must learn to work together and take care of the child.

Maison Ikkoku

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Author: Rumiko Takahashi 
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama 
  • Number of episodes: 96

Yusaku Godai failed his entrance tests. His high hopes of passing the second time are constantly disrupted by the nuisances created by his fellow residents at Maison Ikkoku. He was about to leave the apartment building when he met the beautiful Kyoko, the building’s new manager. He soon starts pursuing her earnestly.


  • Rating: 4/5
  • Author: Ryuuhei Tamura
  • Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Drama
  • Number of episodes: 60

Oga attends Ishiyama High School. He is a well-known delinquent. He comes across a man floating down a river one day who rips himself open to reveal a baby inside. Beelzebub, the future king of hell, appears to be the baby. And because Oga is a ruthless individual, Beelzebub starts regarding him as his new father. Oga is now faced with the challenge of fatherhood.


  • Rating: 4/5
  • Author: Enokizu
  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Comedy, Drama 
  • Number of episodes: 12

Haruka Kotoura has been able to read people’s minds since she was born. However, her extraordinary power caused her to be estranged not only from all of her friends but also from her parents. She transfers to a new school to start over and is surprised to meet Yoshihisa Manabe, who likes her using her powers on him and tries to befriend her.

My Bride Is A Mermaid

  • Rating: 3.9/5
  • Author: Tahiko Kimura
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance 
  • Number of episodes: 26

Michishio Nagasumi, a junior high school student visiting his hometown, nearly drowned and his life was forever changed. A mermaid named San rescued him. Her family, however, is part of a merfolk mafia with a strict rule: If a man discovers a mermaid, either he or the mermaid must die. Unless the man marries into the family. When faced with such a choice, Nagasumi can only comply with their wishes and become a “happy” newlywed.

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