Top 10 Switch Controllers Like Hori Split Pro

ontrollers like Hori Split Pro

When it comes to Hori Split Pro, it has hardware that has lived on as one of the best among third-party accessories. With contoured hand grips, it is the more comfortable and easier way for holding the Switch in comparison to Joy-Con. It has two turbo function buttons and two assignable rear triggers. One might want to use a controller other than the Joy-Con. Below there are the top 10 controllers are mentioned just like Hori Split Pro.

Top 10 controllers like Hori Split Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Its translucent plastic design is both supremely comfortable and sturdy. The thumbsticks are soft while touching and durable too. The face buttons are mainly big as well as satisfyingly clicky.

PowerA Switch Fusion Pro

Four mappable back paddle buttons are present there. They are in addition to the triggers on the top and the regular bottoms on the front. For all purposes and intents, this feels and looks a lot like Hori Split Pro.

8BitDo Pro 2

If one like a bit of nostalgia, then the role can be filled by the 8BitDo. The Pro 2 mixes mainly classic SNES stylings along with modernized features that can be seen in more advanced controllers.

PDP Faceoff Deluxe Wireless

Its shape is quite like a pro and supports the motion controls. The buttons on it are easily customizable, and one can swap out faceplates.

PowerA Enhanced

It is a bit more like the Pro Controller but has fewer buttons in comparison to the Fusion Pro. Meanwhile, it still comes along with two back buttons chiefly for additional controls. A low battery indicator is also present there.

8BitDo Lite

Generally, it features dual D-Pad inputs. It could prove to be a backup pad as a handy one when someone is in the mood for impromptu multiplayer or simply co-op.

Binbok Joypad Controller

For portable play, they can be easily latched onto the Switch. Also, on the back two turbo functions can be get. There are a few more added advantages, like around the joy sticks RGB LEDs.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Along with a range of distinctive options, it can never be a bad idea for adding some to the collection. This means one has backup in case the main pair’s battery died. In simple words, there is no downtime for us r if they happen to die in the playing middle.

Hori D-Pad Controller

This neat little accessory replaced the Switch’s left Joy-Con along with one that offers a full directional pad. It feels even more satisfying and precise in comparison to the pro controller. 

Sony DualSense

It can be used as a compatible as out there period it is one of best one. It is the best option for playing Switch games when the user either has it docked or simply while the usage of the kickstand.


It can be concluded that, of course, Hori Split Pro makes it perfect, but there is a range of other brands that make options for third-party. If someone wants to make things simple, then one can’t for wrong while buying another Joy-Coms pair.