Top 3 Best PvE Builds in New World

Best PVP Tank Build in New World

New World developed and published by Amazon Games is one of the recent popular games. This game with its MMORPG and action-adventure gameplay is winning hearts. The game has PvP and PvE modes for which players need to have builds. Every build has a different set of attributes and perks with various gears. These builds are considered to be super fast, high damage power, and efficient for mob farming, leveling up to high tiers, elite farming, and much more. Let us know more about the best builds in New World.

Top 3 Best PvE Builds in New World

In the New World game Player vs Environment mode has similar funs when compared to Player vs Player mode. Both of these modes require players to have builds that will help them conquer battles and colonize more territories. So let us share the top 3 PvE builds in New World that guaranteed profit and victory.

  • Fire Stuff and Ice Gaunlet

When you start using this build you must first increase your Intelligence between 150 to 200. Then start building you Constitution. At around round 60 you must have Intelligence and Constitution in a 3 to 1 ratio. For the gear you should choose the light category. You can use one one medium chest piece and light armor. Up next you have unlock the Fire Stuff perks and get the ability of “fireball”. Then unlock the second ability of “pillar of fire”. Lastly unlock the ability of “burnout”. For your second weapon, Ice Gaunlet you must unlock the ability of “ice storm”. Then, unlock “ice shower”. Now you are ready to use your perks in whatever order you want.

New World Legendary weapon quest list
Legendary weapon in New World
  • Best Healer Setup

For this build the weapons you must have is the Hatchet and Life Stuff. For the attributes, at around level 60 you must have 250 Focus, 100 Constituition and 50 Strength. Go for the medium gear category. The ideal choice will be a medium helmet, heavy chest piece, light gloves and boots and heavy pants. Up next we have the weapons. For the Hatchet the first ability you need to unlock is “berserk”, followed by the next ability “feral rush”. Lastly unlock the last ability with the remaining two perks. Moving to the Life Stuff, unlock the first ability called “the sacred ground”. Move to the other side and unlock the next ability called “becon”. Finally with the remaining persk unlock the final ability called “lights embrace”. You are now free to spin these points in whatever order you want to.

Best PvE buld in New World
Bow and Arrow Build in New World
  • Bow and Spear

The attributes you must have around level 60 is 300 for Dexterity and 100 for Constitution. For the gear you must go for the light category. So you can choose one medium chest piece and all other light equipment. For the Bow, you must unlock the first two perks and have the first ability of “poison shot”. From the other side unlock the next ability called the “penetrating shot” and lastly unlock the final ability of “rapid shot”. Moving the second weapon Spear,  unlock the first two perks and get the ability called “sweep”, then unlock th second ability from the other side. Finally get the last ability called “vault kick”. You are done preparing the build and ready to use it.

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