Top 3 Major Deaths In Link Click That Affected The Story Greatly!

Link Click is a Donghua anime that is loved by many and has recently grabbed people’s attention. This anime is sure to reach even greater rights if its popularity keeps growing like this. The plot of the Link Click is a very intriguing one and features a lot of plot twists too. But almost all of these plot twists are unpredictable and unexpected which can leave any viewer flabbergasted.

That’s not where it ends! Along with unpredictable plot twists, there are also saddening deaths of some of the most loved and major characters in the series. The death of these characters affects the story greatly and also saddens the fanbase of the anime! This anime will wait for the right moment in which the viewer will most likely think that nothing bad can happen and then boom!

A plot twist with a major character’s death. Today’s article is also related to this topic. In today’s article, we will be looking into the top 3 major deaths in Link Click that affected the story greatly. So, make sure to read this article until the end as it is going to be really interesting. Now, without any further ado, let’s proceed.

1. Li Tianchen And Li Tianxi’s Mother 

Deaths In Link Click

According to us, this death is the most significant one in the entire series! This is so because everything started after her and her husband’s death. If only she hadn’t died, Li Tianchen wouldn’t have gone down the path of evil and murdered so many people! If she hadn’t died then Qian Jin wouldn’t have found a way to fulfill his evil desires by exploiting Li Tianchen.

It was only after her death that Li Tianchen’s mental condition crippled down to tatters. Before her death, Tianchen was just a protective, caring, and kind big brother and a loving son. Nonetheless, he always hated his father and those who filled his ears, including the neighbor who acted to be kind. The day Tianchen and Tianxi’s mother were being violently abused by their father turned so horrible that no one could even imagine.

At the start of Tianxi’s backstory, it looked like their family was overall happy and there weren’t any significant problems. However, situations took a turn for the worst possible outcome that no viewer could even imagine.

2. Emma (Wu Lihua)

Emma whose real name is Wu Lihua formerly worked at the Quede Games as the secretary of the CFO of the company. Despite having such a prestigious job and living in the city she wasn’t content with her life at all. She was in fact very disturbed. This was because she was overworked and her life was completely messed up.

Moreover, her boss made several attempts at sexual harassment like touching her inappropriately without her consent and forcing her to do the same. She was also falsely accused by the CFO’s wife of making out with her husband. She was innocent and didn’t do anything but was still persecuted and was ultimately forced to resign. However, after Chen Xiaoshi dived into a photo of hers and tried to make her life better by improving her past things turned out to be horrible.

Emma had to pay the price of Cheng Xiaoshi’s goodwill with her life. She was killed by a serial killer Liu Min. Cheng Xiaoshi even tried to change the past by saving her by entering a photo but wasn’t able to save her in the end. She was possessed by Li Tianchen and met her untimely demise by falling from a building structure.

Before getting possessed she got the will to live again when convinced by Cheng Xiaoshi as she was originally going to suicide by her own accord. Because of this event, Cheng Xiaoshi had to dive even further into the mystery of the unknown possessor which led to the unveiling of many secrets. If Emma hadn’t died then Cheng Xiaoshi’s resolve to apprehend the culprit wouldn’t be as strong compared to now! He also wouldn’t have come at the right time to save Lu Guang as he was also stabbed at the same time Emma died!

3. Li Tianxi

Deaths In Link Click

Li Tianxi is the blood-related sister of one of the main antagonists in the series, Li Tianchen. Originally, just like any other normal kid Li Tianxi was also able to speak clearly and express herself in words. However, following a traumatising incident she somehow lost her voice. This was still the beginning as the inevitable tragedy that had to come upon these siblings changed their entire lives forever.

Her mother and brother both were very supportive showed her affection and treated her with care. However, her father is a different case. On the outside, he looks like a normal loving, and caring husband. However, this is just a farce!

In reality, he is a narrow-minded, sick, cynical, supercilious maniacal beast in the disguise of a human. He one day beat the mother of the siblings for a crime that she didn’t even do. Later on, they both murdered each other. Li Tianxi and Li Tianchen were both taken under the care of Qian Jin and were also raised by him.

However, Qian Jin is a devious one! He used both the children for his personal selfish motives. Li Tianchen used to murder the targets assigned by Qian Jin and Li Tianxi would be used by his brother for the same purpose. However, later on, she joined Cheng Xiaoshi’s and Lu Guang’s side and opposed her brother.

She was ultimately shot to death by Qian Jin and died there because of excessive bleeding. Because of this incident, Li Tianchen wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else anymore and would become the ultimate evil. Well, we don’t particularly know what will happen now as we will be shown that part of the story in season 3. So, stay hooked up for the upcoming season 3!

About Link Click

Link Click

Link Click is an anime series that revolves around its two protagonists, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang. Both of them with their special abilities solve various cases throughout the series. Cheng’s power is to dive into any photograph by just clapping his hands. While Lu Guang with the help of his power can oversee everything that happens in a 12-hour timeframe after the photo has been clicked.

With the help of each other, they solve many cases to satisfy the requests made by their clients. However, things will not remain so peaceful forever! Despite things being bound to change, whatever will happen in the future cannot be changed or revamped by any means! Both Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi can enter the photo while possessing the photographer’s body.

However, if Cheng Xiaoshi in any case were to bring some significant change in the past then his current timeline and relationships can also be messed up badly. That’s why he follows Lu Guang’s lead and can’t act recklessly. These two completes almost every job they take on but there are also some in which they can’t do anything. While doing such odd jobs they find themselves entangled in the various tacky situations and also face several perils down the road.

There is nothing certain in this series! There are limitless possibilities and infinite outcomes. However, the viewers will definitely enjoy every single moment of this series. This is so because of its engaging and addicting plot.

Once, someone starts watching this anime he will surely be glued to his screen. Link Click perfectly maintains the nature of equilibrium and synch between various elements that need to be kept in mind during making an anime series like story development, world Development, Character designs, Background music, etc.

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