Top 4 Manga Like Kagura Bachi Ranked [2023]

Kagura Bachi is a manga series that was released recently and is already making waves in the market! This manga despite being released just a few days prior to the Jujutsu Kaisen’s chapter 236 already made a huge fanbase because of its amazing story and art style. Now, the fans of this series want to read some other manga series identical to this one. In today’s article, we will be going to see some of the best manga series like Kagurabachi. So, make sure to read this article as it is going to be really interesting, especially for manga enjoyers. Now, without any further delay, let’s proceed!

Top Manga Like Kagura Bachi Ranked [2023]

1. Berserk

Berserk is a dark fantasy series that revolves around its male lead character Guts. In this series, Guts who after being Branded goes on a journey to take revenge against his once best friend and boss The White Hawk, Griffith. The story begins with newborn Guts being found by her foster mother under a pile of corpses. She takes care of Guts for some time but succumbs to the deadly disease of plague.

At that time Guts was accused of his mother’s death and was called a harbinger of misfortune and death! After his mother’s death Guts spent his entire childhood fighting for his foster father on the battlefield. He learned the ways of mercenary! Some time passes by and adult Guts after encountering and losing against Griffith is forced to join The Bank Of The Hawk!

His days in the band became the best time in his entire life filled with tons of memories. Over time, Griffith also becomes Guts’ best friend and Guts starts to trust him with every fiber of his being. However, this trust is soon going to be betrayed by Griffith as he goes on to become the ultimate evil in order to establish his own kingdom. Griffith is eventually revealed as the ultimate evil and kills the entire Band Of The Hawk.

Even then he wasn’t satisfied, so he goes on to r*pe Casca, Gut’s girlfriend. All of these happened in front of Gut’s eyes as he was lying helpless on the ground screaming at Griffith that he would kill him no matter what! After that, both Guts and Casca were Branded which is basically that both of these will be hunted by the restless souls during nighttime for the rest of their lives.

2. Demon Slayer

This is an anime about a young boy named Tanjiro Kamado. He is a coal burner by profession who loves to help his family out in each and everything. One day, Tanjiro was out in the town away from his home in the mountains for work purposes. When he returned, he saw his whole house wrecked and completely blood-bathed, all of his family members were also dead!

It seemed like no one survived. However, that was quite not the case. Tanjiro’s baby sister, Nezuko Kamado managed to survive the devastating incident that took place at the Kamado’s. Later, he finds out that Nezuko has been converted into a demon. And that too by the one who slaughtered his whole family!

He swore to himself that he would kill whoever was responsible for this and would also find a cure for his demonized little sister no matter what it took! This series is insanely popular and is also a must-read manga series. So, make sure to read this series.

3. Bleach

Bleach is an anime series about Ichigo Kurosaki who is an abnormal human being who can see ghosts and spirits. Excluding that he is just a normal high schooler in his teens enjoying every bit of his life. However, one day he crosses paths with a rather young-looking girl whose name was Rukia Kuchiki. The twist here is that this girl is no ordinary human being.

She is a soul reaper whose job is to exorcise bad or evil spirits (Hollow) and to send good-natured spirits to a place called Soul Society or Seireitei. Soul Society is where all the good spirits who aren’t Hollows reside. However, one certain day Rukia ends up getting hurt quite a bit by a strong Hollow while protecting Ichigo’s family. When Ichigo comes to know about this he then rushes over as quickly as he can to provide aid.

He finds himself helpless against such a monstrosity and starts to despise himself for being so weak. Rukia eventually presents an offer in front of Ichigo. This offer was to let Rukia give her Soul Reaper powers to Ichigo. After receiving Rukia’s powers ends up defeating the Hollow.

Later on, she associated herself with Ichigo more and got to know him further. She becomes his friend and starts attending the same school as him. Both Ichigo and Rukia would act like normal high schoolers during the daytime and would go on a hunt for Hollows during the nighttime. However, this is just the start as the situation becomes a lot more complicated and takes a turn for the worse in this anime that a new-watcher can’t even fathom, to begin with.

4. Vagabond

Vagabond is set in the Sengoku era during 1600. The story begins with showing the aftermath of the Battle Of Sekigahara. Two teenagers, Takezo Shinmen and Matahachi Hon’iden from the losing side were heavily wounded and left and were hunted by the survivor hunters. They somehow managed to escape the hunters.

However, they were overwhelmed by their own powerlessness. So, they swear to become “Invincible Under The Heavens”. Along the way, they managed to get a roof above their heads. They sought help from the two women living in the house they found while wandering.

However, soon after the Tsujikaze gang attacks the house, and amongst the confusion they decide to go on their own paths. Takezo decides to become a Vagabond to roam the world in search of strong opponents. He wanted to fight stronger men than him to get even stronger. On the other hand, Matahachi decides to stay with the women.

After this event, the story of Vagabond really begins. The viewers get to witness Takezo’s epic journey of introspection and self-improvement in which he faces much stronger and herculean opponents after each of his bouts! You can read this manga on Viz Media’s official site. Make sure to read this manga as you will not regret reading this and will get hooked up with Takehiko Inoue’s magnum opus!


Kagurabachi is a manga series that recently came into the spotlight and it will definitely take some for this series to reach even greater heights in the industry. The potential this series holds is immense. However, it is completely up to the creators on how they plan to bring out this untapped potential. For now, we can only wait and watch this series’s growth with our own two eyes.

This was it for our list of top 4 manga series like Kagurabachi. We hope that you like it! Well, that’s it for today as it is almost time to wrap up this article. Thanks for reading this article. Also, if you enjoyed this article and are interested in similar stuff like this then make sure to read our other articles only on ShivSaga!

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