Top 5 Best Elden Ring Mods- 2022

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Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game where magic meets power. The game has exciting features and players can play in multiplayer mode to finish the entire campaign. There are many mods available for this game that will make some changes in the game without changing the core gaming experience. Read further to know about the top 5 best Elden Ring mods available!

Top 5 Best Elden Ring Mods- 2022

Here are the latest best mods in Elden Ring game.

  • Call of the Abyss

Here we have the Darth Maul with his double-bladed lightsaber. In this mod nothing is reskinned from the existing game and players can modify everything with a custom creation. Players will get loads of weapons, light savers, and special armors along with characters from Star Wars and animes. The weapons are upgradable and there are many special attacks.

  •  Seamless Co-op

It is one of the most downloaded mods in Elden Ring. The best feature of this mod is you can play the game from start to finish with all your homies. The lobbies will not disband at any time and you can fight bosses, and explore the map with your friends. This mod is flawless and completely changes the concept of multiplayer in Elden Ring.

Best Elden Ring Mods
Fighting with the boss in Elden Ring
  •  Custom Boss and NPC Summons

Using this mod you can easily summon any boss or NPC in your game. You can even summon all the eight demigods all at once. These summoned bosses will have the same health and attack power as they had while fighting against you. You can use them skillfully to defeat other powerful bosses.

  •  Item and Enemy Randomizer

This is a complete mashup mod in Elden Ring. It will randomly replace the items and bosses in different situations making it a lot more interesting to play. Even if you have completed the entire game of Elden Ring several times, this mod will twist things for you giving you a very new experience.

  •  Detailed Descriptions

There are many things to learn in detail in Elden Ring such as the purpose of the special items, weapons, and bosses. Using this mod you will get a detailed description of the purpose of everything in the game. You need just hover over the item you want to have the knowledge and it will show you everything about it in detail.

  •  Survival Mode 

This mode will make the game all about survival increasing the difficulty level. You will find no weapons in the game even after killing bosses. However, you can forge weapons using the items that you will get after every quest. There are also some additional attributes added such as dehydration, disease, and hunger. You need to find your way out by crafting items when you face these issues.

There are many other mods in Elden Ring, but so far these are the best mods that you can use to make reshape your journey in the game.

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