Top 5 & Best Zombie games for Android in 2021

How would it be like if the next pandemic is a Zombie outbreak! Are you prepared for it? Let us know about some zombie games that you can play on your Android device and get a gist of the zombie invasion. Zombie games are one of the most popular genres of smartphone games. Even the battle royale games are adding zombie mode in them. All you need to do is download these awesome zombie-killing games on your phone and survive the deadly zombies!

Top 5 & Best Zombie games for Android in 2021

Here are the most amazing Zombie games that you can play on your Android device. Check them out and be the best Zombie Hunter!

  • Unkilled

This award-winning zombie FPS shooting game features intense gameplay, easy controls, and smooth graphics. It comes with an attractive storyline and has unique guns for combat. You can play thrilling solo combat missions as well as online PvP Multiplayer mode in Unkilled. Download the game for free on your Andriod smartphone from here.  

Top 5 & Best Zombie games for Android
  • Dead Effect 2

This game presents breathtaking graphics, with realistic sound and visual effects. It is set in a scary and stunning environment. The storyline is quite engaging and is considered one of the best zombie FPS shooter games. Dead effect 2 have the unique feature of character customization and development and also 40+ upgradable weapons. This game is available at play store for free. Download it to experience a real-life zombie apocalypse.   

Top 5 & Best Zombie games for Android
Death Effect 2
  • Death Invasion

This is a 3D free-moving third-person zombie survival game. The story begins in a small town occupied by deadly zombies. The objective is to escape the town and survive from the dead. You need to find other survivors in the town and fight along with them. The graphics are very enlightening. Death Invasion features real story dialogues, brutal artilleries, and outstanding action scenarios. Click here to get the game for free. 

Top 5 & Best Zombie games for Android
Death Invasion
  • Dead Trigger 2

 This is a very famous FPS zombie shooter game because you can play it in offline mode. There are 10 regions and 33 different battlefields for the zombie apocalypse. It features over 600 heart-stopping combat scenes and attractive story mode campaigns. Dead Trigger 2 has 70+ advanced weapons, which increase the fun of zombie killing. You can even play it by using an android joystick. Download it for free just by clicking here.  

Top 5 & Best Zombie games for Android
Dead Trigger 2
  • The Walking Dead: Season 1

This game is the winner of 90 Game of the Year awards. The most exciting part is the story is not constant. The story will entirely depend on what decisions you make in-game, making this an enjoyable game to play. The Walking Dead presents realistic graphics and an exclusive environment amidst the zombie trouble. You can play it on Nvidia Sheild too. Download from here and play it for free on your Android devices.

Top 5 & Best Zombie games for Android
The Walking Dead: Season 1