Top 5 Link Click Characters Ranked [2023]

In today’s article, we will be looking top 5 Link Click characters that had the most influence on the show. So, make sure to read until the end. Now, without any further delay, let’s proceed and begin the article!

Top 5 Link Click Characters Ranked [2023]

1. Cheng Xiaoshi


Cheng Xiaoshi’s influence on the series is so great that no new viewer could even fathom, to begin with! With the help of his powers, Cheng Xiaoshi can literally dive back into time. The medium that helps him in going into the past is photographs.

Yes, Cheng Xiaoshi can dive into a photograph as the one who took the photo. He can then also make significant changes in the past. However, he is prohibited from doing so as it could severely affect the future and his current relationships. He must remain calm and collected at all times even in the face of a dire situation.

However, Cheng Xiaoshi is quite a bit emotional and can be easily swayed by his own emotions. That’s why Lu Guang, his partner is there to oversee his actions whenever he dives back into the past. We’ve already discussed Lu Guang’s role in the story. However, again we must put some emphasis on the deutrogonist of the series.

This is because, without Lu Guang, Cheng Xiaoshi won’t be able to smoothly complete the commissions they’ve undertaken and vice-versa. Cheng Xiaoshi faces several perils down the road. He works in the photo studio created on the property owned by his landlady and childhood friend whom he grew up with, Qiao Ling. However, this photo studio is just a coverup for their real business!

Truly, if Cheng Xiaoshi wasn’t in the series as the main male lead along with Lu Guang then this show wouldn’t be as popular as it is now!

2. Lu Guang 

Lu Guang is one of the main male leads of the show. With the help of his wits and quick thinking, he is able to solve any of the commissions he undertakes. However, he alone wouldn’t be able to do so. The one who follows his lead and executes the given task is his partner, Cheng Xiaoshi.

However, Cheng Xiaoshi on his own is not very bright and is more likely to mess up frequently which can affect their work. Lu Guang with the help of his powers is able to overview everything in a photograph that takes place within a timeframe of 12 hours. Only after going through this process, he decides whether or not it is mortally possible to finish the job or not. He devises a strategy and adheres to a strict set of rules so as to not change the past.

If somehow, Cheng Xiaoshi when in the dive living as the photographer changes something significant in the past, the future will also change. So, Lu Guang’s other job is to make sure Cheng Xiaoshi doesn’t mess up or do something silly that can affect the past. If not for Lu Guang almost all of the commissions both the youngsters undertook are most likely to fail. That’s why Lu Guang is placed in the second position on our list of best characters in Link Click!

3. Li Tianchen 

Link Click characters

Li Tianchen is one of the main antagonists of Link Click. In his early stages of life, Tianchen as a kid was a protective, caring, and kind big brother and a loving son. Nonetheless, he always hated his father and those who filled his ears, including the neighbor who acted to be kind. Deep down he knew that the neighbor was also one of those who provoked his father.

For some time, Tianchen’s life went by peacefully. However, one particular day when Tiachen and Tianxi’s father came home after work happened something that was never expected by anyone. The family had dinner together and after finishing the food out of nowhere came a question out of the father’s mouth. He asked his wife why she deliberately hid the camera from him.

From this point on the situation only escalated and became more worse. Eventually, it came to a point when the father started mercilessly beating the sibling’s mother. Tianchen tried to save her but was of no use. His father brushed off both the siblings and continued to beat their mother without even hearing her out.

After some time, Tianchen covered his sister’s eyes and tried to comfort her while possessing his mom’s body. In that instance, both of the siblings’s powers awakened and were put to use simultaneously. He controlled his mom into killing his own father with the help of a hammer. However, the father also stabbed his mother at the same time.

Eventually, the siblings lost both of their parents in a case of domestic violence. This broke Tianchen from the inside and messed up his mental condition. He then went on to work for Qian Jin and killed several people on contracts. He becomes a maniacal serial killer and goes after our main character’s life too even stabbing Lu Guang in the process!

4. Qian Jin

Link Click characters

Qian Jin like Li Tianchen is one of the major antagonists in Link Click. It was because of him that Li Tianchen became evil and went down the wrong path. It is also because of him that Li Tianxi had to do such horrible tasks despite her reluctance. In his early days as a normal police officer, Qian Jin was too preoccupied with his missions.

Her wife worked at a theatre as an artist. She would often be left alone without anyone at her side. However, the only time she looked at her happiest was when doing a play with her co-actor. Her relationship with the actor was purely professional and nothing more than that.

However, Qian Jin misinterpreted that and thought that she was cheating on him. He waited for some days to convince himself. When he became sure that she was cheating on him he killed her. Afterward, he went on to leave his post as a police officer and became a lawyer.

Law is Qian Jin’s second profession as he took various missions of assassinations from rich people. With the help of Li Tianchen and Li Tianxi whom he raised, he completed every commission he undertook. If only he would’ve waited a bit longer and not killed his wife on a hunch then most of the prominent events that took place in Link Click would’ve never happened!

5. Li Tianxi

Link Click characters

Li Tianxi is the blood-related sister of one of the main antagonists in the series, Li Tianchen. Originally, just like any other normal kid Li Tianxi was also able to speak clearly and express herself in words. However, following a traumatising incident she somehow lost her voice. This was still the beginning as the inevitable tragedy that had to come upon these siblings changed their entire lives forever.

Her mother and brother both were very supportive showed her affection and treated her with care. However, her father is a different case. On the outside, he looks like a normal loving, and caring husband. However, this is just a farce!

In reality, he is a narrow-minded, sick, cynical, supercilious maniacal beast in the disguise of a human. He one day beat the mother of the siblings for a crime that she didn’t even do. Later on, they both murdered each other. Li Tianxi and Li Tianchen were both taken under the care of Qian Jin and were also raised by him.

However, Qian Jin is a devious one! He used both the children for his personal selfish motives. Li Tianchen used to murder the targets assigned by Qian Jin and Li Tianxi would be used by his brother for the same purpose. However, later on, she joined Cheng Xiaoshi’s and Lu Guang’s side and opposed her brother.

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