Top 5 Shows Like Rick And Morty To Watch Online

In today’s article, we will be viewing the top 5 shows like Rick and Morty. So, make sure to read until the end as it is going to be really interesting. Now, without any further delay, let’s proceed and begin the article!

Top 5 Shows Like Rick And Morty To Watch Online

1. The Simpsons

Holding the first position on our list of “Top 5 Shows Like Rick And Morty” is none other than “The Simpsons.” The Simpsons is an American animated show created by Matt Groening and Fox Broadcasting Company. This show revolves around the Simpsons family. They reside in the Middle-America town of Springfield which is purely fictional.

The head of the family, Homer (father) is a working man employed at a Nuclear Power Plant as the safety inspector. However, he is goofy by nature which is not very good for his position as a safety inspector that takes some serious focus and level-headedness. His wife, Marge is a typical American housewife and mother. Homer and Marge have three children Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

Bart is a 10-year-old boy who is also very spunky by nature and is the eldest of the three siblings. Bart loves to play pranks on others and is quite a troublemaker. Lisa is only 8 years old but is already ahead of her peers because of her innate talents. Lastly, comes Maggie who is the baby of the family and can’t literally utter words at his age.

However, he communicates by sucking on his pacifier. The show gives us an insight into the daily life of this lively bunch. Sometimes they are shown to be at odds whereas sometimes their love for each other exceeds one’s imagination.

2. Family Guy

Family Guy is very much like “The Simpsons” in terms of story and other areas. This show is set in the fictional city of Quahog on Rhoad Island. The Rhoad Island was founded by Peter’s ancestor, Griffin Peterson. A question, “Who is Peter?” must have arisen into that mind of yours.

Peter Griffin is the protagonist and also the head of the Griffin family. As a matter of fact, this show revolves around the Griffin family just like the Simpsons family of “The Simpsons.” Peter Griffin is a clumsy but well-mannered industrial worker. On the other hand, the mother and a housewife, Lois used to teach Piano to her several students.

There are also three children in the family including Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Meg is a bullied teenager and is often ignored by her own family! Chris is like the incarnation of his father. He is sort of unintelligent and also is not good at sports.

He is also an obese fella just like his father is and was in his early days as a teenager. Stewie who might look the most innocent one out of this lot is no exception! This satanical baby is anything but innocent. Indulge yourself into the daily exploits of this dysfunctional family.

3. Solar Opposites

Top 5 Shows Like Rick And Morty

This show’s genre is sci-fi and is an American animated adult show. This show is created by our very own Justin Roiland (Rick And Morty’s Voice Actor) and Mike McMahan for a famous streaming site, Hulu. This story is about a family of aliens who while traveling in their U.F.O. ship crash landed on Earth because of an emergency. They despite not wanting to had to stay on Earth for a while because of the unprecedented event that took place.

The family consists of Terry, Korvo, Jesse, and Yumyulack. They came from the planet of Shlorp. Hundreds of ships were sent out from this alien planet to other planets. Their goal is to colonize these planets before their own planet gets destroyed.

This family after getting stuck on Earth were extremely distraught and wanted to fix their ship and get back to Shlorp as soon as they could. However, this isn’t possible for the time being as their ship’s condition is not looking very good. Make sure to watch this show to witness this family’s journey to return to their homeland! This show received positive feedback from the viewers and is quite popular too. That’s why Solar Opposites grabs the third position on our list of “Top 5 Shows Like Rick And Morty!”

4. Adventure Time

Top 5 Shows Like Rick And Morty

Finn The Human and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake The Dog set out on an epic journey in which they help various people and defeat several evils. Both of these have the magical power of changing their shape and size at will. Their lives are not as easy-going as you may think. This is so because they are currently living in a post-apocalyptic land of Ooo.

The land of Ooo was obliterated in the calamitic event of the Mushroom War. Mushroom War is a Nuclear war that took place in Ooo and destroyed it 1000 years before the beginning of the main storyline. Despite the civilization that has been destroyed by the Mushroom War both of these kids are still doing their best to survive. Throughout the span of the series, both Finn and Jake interact with various other characters such as Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, Marceline The Vampire Queen, and many more.

They travel to many places and become notorious enough to make people recognize them. As they proceed with their journey they help those in need spreading their goodwill at the same time. Make sure to watch Adventure Time with your friends and family to witness the epic journey of this lot.

5. Harley Quinn

The series revolves around the show’s main female lead, Harley Quinn. This show shows us the many adventures of Harley Quinn and also her journey of self-discovery. The series takes place after Harley breaks up with Joker after coming to a harsh realization that he never loved her. Her aim is to make a name for herself in Gotham City’s underworld.

She forms her own crew which consists of her best friend Poison Ivy, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, King Shark, and Sy Borgman. During this journey of hers, she discovers what she really wants. She also came face to face with her past that she wanted to forget about. Nonetheless, she gains self-confidence and decides to not become Joker’s pawn again by abolishing his ideals and influence on her.

You might be thinking that the whole show is about Harley Quinn gaining self-respect and self-confidence while also trying to move on. Well, that is the main theme of the show but the show also emphasizes a lot on Harley and Ivy’s relationship. Harley met Ivy in the Arkham Asylum when she was Ivy’s therapist. The two of them develop a deep bond that only becomes stronger and deepens with the passing of time.

Despite Ivy’s engagement to Kite she comes to realize that she has feelings for Harley. Later on, when Harley successfully proves her love for Ivy, Kite Man decides to break up with her. He does so for Ivy’s happiness. Harley and Ivy become a couple by the end of season two and foster a healthy relationship in which both of them respect each other.

Harley Quinn for the seasons to come will be much happier with Ivy than she was with Joker. Make sure to watch Harley Quinn as it will definitely be worth all the time that you’ll put into it.

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