Top 5 Tales Of Demons And Gods Characters Ranked [2023]

Not many know about this anime as it is underrated. No matter how underrated it is, it’s entirely our job to bring you some of the finest animes there is! Despite how it looks, this anime’s also got a loyal fanbase that loves this anime. Today’s article will be centered around the “Tales of Demons and Gods” anime series. In today’s article, we will be looking into the top 5 Tales of Demons and Gods characters who hold much more importance than any other in the show. So, make sure to read until the end as it is going to be really interesting. Now, without any further delay, let’s proceed and begin this article!

1. Nie Li

The protagonist of the show, Nie Li is a member of the Heavenly Marks Family. This family despite being an aristocratic family doesn’t hold much status and power. Initially, everyone thought of him as a poor and uncultured fellow whose social position isn’t anything worth mentioning. However, he proves them wrong by retaining all of the knowledge he gathered while traveling the Divine Continent in his previous life.

He with this extravagant knowledge gathers allies from his past life and aims for greater heights. With the help of this knowledge, he helps his friends become stronger so as to survive in this crooked world. In his past life after being defeated he was killed by the Sage Emperor. However, when he was reincarnated as a 13-year-old boy he decided to save his loved ones in this second chance at life the heavens blessed him with! He will go to any length to stop the Sacred Family from betraying the Glory City which destroyed his life.

2. Lu Piao

ales Of Demons And Gods Characters

Lu Piao is a member of the noble Lu Family and is also one of the best friends of Nie Li and Du Ze. He also studies at the Holy Orchid Institute just like both of his friends. He is a boy with spiky dark hair with grey eyes in the Manhua. Lu Piao is a very lazy individual who doesn’t like to do anything.

He only becomes active when following the lead of those around him. He treats everyone equally despite being from the nobility. This shows that he is an open-minded person who doesn’t belittle anyone. Lu Piao is also the most cowardly one out of Nie Li and Du Ze and harbors lustful thoughts towards Xiao Xue and the goddess Yu Yan.

Even in his previous life, he was Nie Li’s and Du Ze’s close friend. He grew up with Xiao Xue and fell in love with her but his love remained unrequited. This was so because his cultivation was too poor so Xiao Xue’s family won’t allow him to marry her. She was instead married to someone else.

However, later on, when the Glory City was attacked both of them married each other in secret. They were happy with this conclusion. However, this happiness will only remain for a short amount of time. As Xiao Xue sadly perished in the demon beast attack, leaving Lu Piao devasted.

Nie Li tried to persuade Lu Piao to escape with him. However, Lu Piao who was feeling sort of a void inside his heart refused abruptly to this proposal of Nie Li. As a result, he died shortly after. This shows how loyal he is to his loved ones. Even when given an opportunity to escape and keep on living he refused to live anymore because his loved one’s already died!

3. Ye Ziyun 

tales Of Demons And Gods Characters

She is just like Xiao Ning’er was in the fighter apprentice classes with Nie Li. It is to be noted that she is from the strongest family in the entirety of Glory City which is the notorious Snow Wind Family. Her grandfather is also a Legend ranked Demon Spiritualist Ye Mo. Despite all of this fame, only a handful know about her background and true identity.

She has a beautiful purple hair of waist length with lavender eyes. Ye Ziyun is a kind-natured person who is also hardworking and gives her all in everything she does. Her curiosity is also a trait of her that makes fans love her even more.

4. Du Ze 

He is a handsome young boy who is a fellow student with Nie Li at the Holy Orchid Institute. His background is not very remarkable as he comes from a very poor family. However, he is a hustler and hard worker by nature who does not yield to any hurdles or obstacles that come down his path. He is also talented in various fields.

He is very straightforward and doesn’t like to waste time in idle talks which are meaningless. His one bad habit can be that he is too much serious which doesn’t make him much likable in the eyes of others. He is also a responsible older brother. Lu Piao who is his and Nie Li’s friend is often scolded by Du Ze for being too lazy.

This leads to a friendly argument between both friends. He respects and admires Nie Li more than anyone. His two kid sisters had to marry a disabled person from the village next to theirs for him to attend the Holy Orchid Institute. Which is a great burden he carries in his heart, never disclosing it to others.

5. Xiao Ning’er

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Xiao Ning’er is a member of the noble Winged Dragon Family. She is also acquainted with Nie Li as she was a part of the fighter apprentice classes at the Holy Orchid Institute. She trains herself night and day. Her motivation for going to such lengths is that she wants to escape her arranged marriage.

She is being forced to marry the one she despises and hates the most, Shen Fei. At the start of the series she was 13 years old and currently, she is 15 years old. Her appearance is also notably different in Manhua than that of Novel. In the novel, her hair is of black color.

On the other hand, in Manhua, her hair is of ginger color. She is a cold and hardworking woman who never compromises on what must be done!


top Tales Of Demons And Gods characters

With that, our list of the top 5 best characters in Tales of Demons and Gods ends! As obvious as it may sound the character that holds the most relevance in the series out of everyone is Nie Li, the protagonist of the show. Well, this is a given. Still, the positioning in this list is also determined by how popular one is.

Along with popularity, strength, and capabilities also matter. On that note, it is almost time to wrap up this article. Thanks for reading this article until the end! Also, if you enjoyed reading this article and want to read more interesting stuff like this then you can refer to our other articles only on ShivSaga!

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