Top 6 Unblocked Anime Websites in the US

The anime industry is growing day by day baring its fangs to every nook and cranny of the world. The USA is not an exception! There reside several weebs who enjoy watching anime or reading their favourite manga. However, there are some who want to watch anime or read manga but just don’t know what anime websites they should refer to.

Take, for example, some aspiring anime watchers who want to begin their anime journey but are confused about which platform to watch that is legal and safe. Don’t worry as we got your backs! In today’s article, we will be looking into the top 6 unblocked anime websites in the USA. So, make sure to watch until the end. Now, without any further delay let’s proceed.

1. Crunchyroll

Unblocked Anime Websites

Crunchyroll is an American company founded by Gen Fukunaga and his wife in Silicon Valley. This company focuses mainly on the distribution and licensing of anime series. Its library is a very large one housing several anime series from differing genres. Earlier, Crunchyroll was known by the name of Funimation Productions Limited and was founded by the couple way back in the month of May 1994.

For some years the business firm was running stably and garnered quite a attention as it was something unique in the market at that time. It was only after 2005, that the Navarre Corporation acquired the the company’s name Funimation for themselves and it became a separate entity. This is how the current Crunchyroll that we all know of came to be. Crunchyroll in modern times is one of the major players in the industry that can acquire the license to broadcast any anime produced!

This site is the best choice for watching anime series as almost every anime series is available on this site that one can think of!

2. Netflix

Netflix is an American subscription-based OTT platform. You can stream Movies, Web series, TV shows, Anime series and much more on Netflix. Unlike some other platforms, there are no global restrictions on Netflix. That basically means that anyone can buy a subscription and take advantage of its services anywhere in the world. There are also several Netflix original anime such as Cyberpunk Edgerunners or Devil Man Crybaby!

3. Hulu

Unblocked Anime Websites

To put it in simple words, Hulu is an American streaming site where you must buy a subscription first to access the content on the platform. It is a really popular OTT platform amongst the people. You can stream Web series, Movies, Television Shows, as well as various Anime series here. Its library is also rather big and has a lot of content that you can dive deep into!

Hulu’s UI is also quite easy to comprehend. So, anyone can operate this site efficiently without any trouble. You can watch some of the most famous anime series like One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, or Attack On Titan here. So, it is the ideal site for a lot of anime fans too!

So, if you ever feel like that you want an Anime series or a Movie then you can for sure come here as this site is mainstream in both Anime and Movies industry.

4. Tubi TV

Anime Websites

Tubi TV is an American ad-supported streaming platform. One may watch web series, movies etc. according to his preferences. However, it is also a good anime streaming site one may OPT for. Tubi TV provides its services for free and is completely legal.

However, a lot of ads will be shown in between the episodes as a result. The search system is also pretty simple looking and is quite easy to understand. It also has a similar trait to that of Crunchyroll in which you need not log in or Sign Up to Start Streaming your Favourite Anime.

5. Funimation

Anime Websites

Funimation is an American-based streaming site exclusively reserved for showing anime-related content. It is mainly operated by its parent company Crunchyroll. Funimation was launched on 7th of the January in the year 2016. Its headquarters are located in Coppell, Texas, United States Of America.

Funimation is currently one of the big players. In simple and straight words it is one of the largest distributors of anime around the globe. Its library is also vast and contains some of the most recognizable and famous anime series to be ever made. Take, for example, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Attack On Titan, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach and many more.

In the year of 2017, this company was acquired by Sony Pictures Entertainment. After some four years, Sony also acquired Funimation’s parent company Crunchyroll and got all of its rights in the year 2021. Sony decided to move a large portion of Funimation’s library and merge it with Crunchyroll’s to make the latter’s library even bigger than it already was. However, to this day Funimation stands strong as one of the best platforms to stream anime-related content.

Its service area is expanded throughout the entire world except in some countries because of political or geological issues. That means you can enjoy watching anime on this platform while sitting on the comfy couch of your home from almost anywhere around the world!

6. Amazon Prime Video 

Anime Websites

Amazon Prime is an American OTT (Over-The-Top) platform that is a subset and is branched from Inc. This service primarily provides various films and television series of differing genres. There are television shows or movies under the name of Amazon Originals, these are produced by Amazon Studios. You can also stream anime content on Amazon Prime Video in addition to all of the already available content like web series.

The services provided by Amazon Prime Videos have already mapped the world. This means you can avail Amazon Prime Video’s services almost anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Amazon Prime Video is already available in countries like India, United States Of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and many more. However, there are also countries in which this streaming service is not available.

These countries are Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Area, Russia, Belarus and Syria. Prime Video’s headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, USA. Prime Video was launched 17 years ago on the eventful day of the 6th of September, 2006 and currently boasts 200 million users worldwide (on the 3rd of September 2022). One must buy a subscription to gain access to the services provided and to also gain several perks that come with it.

You can watch anime on this platform too but sadly the anime library for this platform isn’t as big enough as other major websites like Crunchyroll in this particular field. Nonetheless, fans who have subscriptions to this platform can definitely watch some quality anime on this platform whether to take a breather or to just try something new. We do not recommend Amazon Prime Video for hardcore anime fans or in simple terms weebs as they won’t feel satisfied. It is advised that weebs should opt for a platform like Crunchyroll as it is a site dedicated majorly to anime-related content.

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