Top 8 Romance Or Love Anime On Tubi TV

Tubi Tv is an American ad-supported streaming platform. One may watch web series, movies etc according to his preferences. However, it is also a good anime streaming site one may OPT for. Fans all around the world like to watch their favorite anime series from distinct genres on Tubi TV. The same is the case with Romance or Love anime. Today, we will be looking into the top romance Or Love Anime On Tubi TV. So, make sure to read until the end. Let’s begin this article without any further ado!

1. Date A Live

romance anime Tubi TV

Date A Live anime series begins with a strange phenomenon called Spatial Quakes. It occurred at the centre of Eurasia. This resulted in a total of 150 million casualties/death of the common folk which is an enormous number! For the next couple of years, these quakes continued to occur but on a relatively smaller scale.

Shido Itsuka who is a normal high schooler, by a twist of fate, crosses paths with a suspicious girl at the Ground Zero of a Spatial Quake. He eventually came to know that this girl is none other than one of the “Spirits” from another dimension, responsible for causing these devastating Spatial Quakes. Basically, whenever these “Spirits” manifest themselves in the real world or simply say on Earth, only then do these quakes take place! Shido has an unusual ability in which he can seal these “Spirits” and can prevent an upcoming calamity!

He is told to make use of his abilities to seal these otherworldly beings to protect mankind. However, there is a slight misconception regarding Shido’s powers. His power is nothing like some sort of Magic or extraordinary superpower. Instead, it is simply the power of love!

Yes, in order to seal these “Spirits” Shido must make them fall in love with him and finally sealing them with a kiss! Will he be able to pass this ordeal? You must watch this series to find that out. You can watch this anime on various online streaming sites with Tubi TV included. So, make sure to give this anime a try!

2. Eiken

 Tubi TV

This series shows us the story of its protagonist Densuke who just took admission to the prestigious Zashono Academy. He is interested to partake in some co-curricular activities. However, he never in his wildest dreams expected to join the perplexing Eiken club. However, after he successfully joins this club he then witnesses something that he never even dreamt of!

He comes to a realization that every peer of his in this club is busty and this club is always engaged in activities concerning bikinis. However, surprisingly Densuke is simply not interested in anyone besides the elegant and beautiful but shy Chiharu. Can he suppress his desires and overcome this nigh impenetrable wall known as women standing between him and his love? Watch this anime series only on Tubi TV to find out!

3. Flame of Recca

 Tubi TV

This anime is set in the modern times. In the state of Japan where Ninjutsu is still practiced covertly, Recca the male lead of the show discovers that he has the power to manipulate fire according to his will! This left him amazed and baffled at the time. However, later on in the series he gradually meets more and more people with varying powers.

Eventually, he has to forget his past and move on to face his destiny head-on! It is a romance anime with 52 episodes in total spanning over 2 seasons. You can watch this anime on various online streaming sites with Tubi TV included. So, make sure to give this anime a try!

4. Absolute Duo

 Tubi TV

Absolute Duo is a romance anime on Tubi Tv which delineate Tooru Kokonoe’s story who is one of the few persons who can activate Blaze. Blaze is a power in which a user can materialize a soul to form a weapon out of it! However, Tooru’s Blaze is an odd case. His Blaze is not a weapon that is proficient in attacking but a shield that excels in defence!

Tooru takes admission into an academy to know about this Blaze of his and to also increase his combat skills. After some consequential events, he ends up living with a gorgeous silver-haired girl. This is a romance anime with a total of 12 episodes over a single season. You can watch this anime on various online streaming sites with Tubi TV included. So, make sure to give this anime a try!

5. Nagasarete Airantou

This series revolves around the male lead of the show Ikuto Tohoin who is a 14-year-old kid. He runs away from his home after an argument with his father. He tries to sail alone on the rough and merciless sea. However, soon after he departed on this journey of his an enormous storm strikes his boat sending him adrift.

When he woke up he found himself stranded on an uncharted tropical island named Airantou. He was found by a girl named Suzu who resuscitates him to bring the almost-dead kid back to life. She takes Ikuto under her care and promises to look after him. He later comes to know about the history of this mysterious island.

He also found out that the entirety of this island’s male population was wiped out by a rogue wave during a fishing tournament. This happened some 12 years before in the past. This resulted in every girl on the island trying to lay claim to Ikuto as their husband! Can Ikuto escape this dire situation and island?

If he succeeds in escaping then what will happen to Suzu? To find out the answers to all these questions you must watch Nagasarete Airantou. You can watch this anime on various online streaming sites with Tubi TV included. So, make sure to give this anime a try!

6. Kaze no Stigma

The Kannagi family is one of the most elite families when it comes to using fire magic. Kazuma Kannagi, the eldest son and also the heir to the family was unable to use fire powers. As a result, he is considered a failure and completely useless in the family. His father, despite his inaptitude, gives him a final chance to compete to get his hands on the precious “Eraiha” sword which is a heirloom and passed down in the family from one generation to another.

Only the family’s heir has permission to wield this exemplary sword! However, the 18-year-old Kazuma suffers a crushing defeat at the hands of 12-year-old Ayano Kannagi. Eventually, his father banished him from the family. Years passed by and seasons changed!

At last, the gust of wind carrying with it the blessing of change arrives in the form of Kazuma who has changed his surname from Kannagi to Yagami. He masters the art of manipulating winds or Fujutsu in the time elapsed! His one and only purpose is to have a match with the strongest member of the Kannagi family who is none other than his father! However, all sorts of troubles are lying there in his path.

You can watch this anime on various online streaming sites with Tubi TV included. So, make sure to give this anime a try!

7. Dagashi Kashi

 Tubi TV

Shikada Dagashi is a countryside shop that offers its customers cheap candy and snacks. This shop has been run by the Shikada family for nine generations. However, Kokonotsu who is the child of the shops’s owner refuses to take over the family business. His dream lies somewhere else, he wants to become a famous manga artist.

One eventful day, Hotaru Shidare the Shikada Dagashi shop in the hopes of recruiting Kokonotsu’s dad to her family’s sweet manufacturing company known as Shidare Corporations. But the twist here is that Yo Shikada (Kokonotsu’s father) will only say yes to this proposal if Hotaru somehow manages to convince Kokonotsu to take over the Shikada Dagashi shop. How will Hotaru convince Kokonotsu to take over his family business? To know the answer to that question you must first watch this series.

You can watch this anime on various online streaming sites with Tubi TV included. So, make sure to give this anime a try!

8. If Her Flag Breaks

This anime depicts the story of Hatate Souta who has an unusual ability to visualize “flags” for the upcoming events that may take place in the future! These “flags” can be “Death Flag”, “Romance Flag” or “Friendship Flag” etc. He avoids making friends or relationships with others because of a trauma that he suffered in a ship submergence accident. He tries his best to not get unnecessarily involved with anyone and to also not stand out too much.

However, all his efforts were futile as twelve beautiful and charming girls get interested in Hatate and his lifestyle. Eventually, all of these twelve girls start living with him at the school dorm! The story that will follow is very engaging and interesting. It will surely keep you hooked.

So, make sure to give this anime a try before judging it! You can watch this anime on various online streaming sites with Tubi TV included.

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