Tower Of God Chapter 548 Release Date & Spoilers

Tower Of God by S.I.U. is one of the most popular, well-known, and most-read manhwa series of all time. Its interesting story, intricate plot, and beautiful art style make it a fan-favorite series in the community. It has fans from across the world who eagerly wait for updates regarding the series and further additions to the franchise. In this post, we discuss Tower Of God Chapter 548 Release Date.

What is the story of Tower Of God?

Tower Of God is the story of a magical Tower with a legend that says anyone who climbs the Tower and reaches the top will have their wish granted by God. But in order to do so, climbers have to face and overcome numerous dangerous and life-threatening situations and challenges. Currently, the Tower is ruled by King Zahard and the ten family heads who are the first and only known people to reach the top of the Tower.

The story begins with two children – Baam and Rachel. They live below the Tower but dream of leaving and exploring the world. This changes when Baam sees Rachel enter the Tower without telling anyone anything. He follows her to rescue her but ends up becoming one of the participant climbers in the Tower. On the other hand, Rachel proves to have her personal reasons for entering the Tower.

Baam finds other people who will start climbing the Tower and forms a team that climbs the Tower together. As he and his friends proceed towards the top of the Tower, many secrets and lies start coming to light. And Baam ends up learning more about his past, origins, and parents as well.

This manhwa series began serialization on the Naver Webtoon platform in June 2010 and it is still ongoing. Its official English-translated version came out in July 2014 on the Line Webtoon platform. There are a total of 547 published chapters of this manhwa series. Young Com collected and published a total of 9 volumes of this manhwa by March 2022.

Tower Of God Chapter 548 Release Date & Spoilers

The release date of chapter 548 of the Tower Of God is out. As of now, there has been no announcement about the series going on a break this week. Thus, fans can expect to read the next chapter as per the normal release schedule of the manhwa. The next chapter of Tower Of God will come out on 26 June 2022.

The previous chapter focused on a lot of different characters and events. From Lilial Zahard attacking Baam to Yama and Yasraycha’s floating ship being attacked by Beastkings, and Viole’s supposed death causing distress to his friends, many things happened in the chapter.

The next chapter will most likely focus on these events only. Lilian refuses to have Viole or Baam as a potential husband and even attacks him to prove his worthlessness to her family’s head. Their fight will continue in the next chapter most probably as well.