Traveling Merchant Location in Pet Simulator X ? Where to Find Traveling Merchant

After the heaven update, the BIG games studio has launched a brand new update called the Travelling Merchant update on September 4th, 2021. Under this update, the main feature is the introduction of the traveling merchant. This is one such innovative thing that Preston come up with. Every day, the players struggle to obtain their favorite pets, hatch the eggs, try out different fusing combos, and trade with fellow players on the server.

However, all these ways do not work favorably. Hence, choosing and buying our favorite pets, which are possible now with this new traveling merchant update, is extremely beneficial. This update has also been launched with several other fixes of bugs. In our previous blog, we have discussed the traveling merchant feature in brief. Wondering where to find the traveling merchant? Here we have provided you with the required steps.

Traveling Merchant Location in Pet Simulator X

Travelling Merchant Location

For buying the mythical pets. You must be aware of the traveling merchant location. Here is how and where you can find the traveling merchant.

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The traveling merchant spawns every 20 to 45 mins, and once the merchant spawns in, you will see the message in the chatbox “traveling merchant has arrived” on your device. Be alert about the notification. So once he arrives, what you want to do is to follow these three steps. Check them out!

  1.  Teleport to the first shop.
  2.  Then take a right, and you will see the brand new traveling merchant.
  3. Now go and buy as many as pets possible within the stipulated duration of the traveling merchant’s presence. You have to buy using the diamonds. It may cost up to 24 million.

The most important thing to have in your mind is that the availability of the traveling merchant and the pets he sells solely depends on the server when you play the game. There are also unfortunate chances of the server not allowing the traveling merchant to appear. Hence it differs from the servers you play. You need to make sure that your server is productive. We hope you get it!