What Happened To Paul In Mushoku Tensei After The Mana Calamity Teleportation Incident?- His Fate Explained

Paul Greyrat is Rudeus’s father who was also teleported to a far away and random place during the Mana Calamity teleportation incident. Eventually, he reunited with his son and departed on a journey to rescue his wife Zenith Greyrat. However, quite a few things happened in this journey of Paul. Today, in this article we will be looking into the topic of “What happened to Paul in Mushoku Tensei?” So, make sure to read until the end. Let’s start this article without any more delay!

Whereabouts Of Paul Greyrat After The Mana Calamity Teleportation Incident

Paul Greyrat who is also the father of our beloved protagonist of the show Rudeus Greyrat was also teleported to a random location just like anyone else! He was teleported to the southern regions of the Asura kingdom. Eventually, he and Norn go to the Millishion, the holy kingdom of Millis. He goes there and asks for help with the search and immediately receives the much-needed help too.

What Happened To Paul After The Mana Calamity?

What Happened To Paul

Paul Greyrat is the father of Rudeus and was like everyone else from the Fittoa region separated from him during the Mana Calamity teleportation incident! He with his daughter Norn Greyrat was teleported to the southern regions of the Asura kingdom. At that time he invested all his time in the Millis continent helping out other refugees like him who were also the victims of the Mana Calamity. Eventually, he and Rudeus reunited and was at first really glad to see him again.

However, Paul blamed Rudeus for having fun while he was suffering in an unknown place. He thought that Rudeus isn’t trying his best in finding his mother Zenith’s whereabouts. In the end, he blurted out a bunch of harsh comments for Rudeus which made Rudeus angry making him punch Paul continuously in the face after getting into a serious fight with him. Later on, he made up with his son and went on a journey to rescue her wife.

However, Gesse quickly sent a letter for help to Rudeus right when things started to turn bad. Paul was already in bad shape when his son arrived. Afterward, they found the room in which his mother was being held captive. She was trapped inside a giant mana crystal guarded by a Hydra.

After a ridiculously tiring and long battle, Rudeus and his father Paul were finally able to kill the Hydra. However, sadly in the process Rudeus lost his left hand and Paul was snapped in half trying to protect Rudeus from Hydra’s final attack. Before, Paul died he one last time saw his son’s face and gave him a final goodbye. This brutal and sad death of Paul left fans at a loss for words!

What Happened After The Zenith Arc?

About the conclusion of Zenith’s arc
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Zenith was rescued and the deadly battle against Hydra also concluded. However, the price paid for the same was too big. Rudeus lost his father Paul Greyrat in the process and his mother Zenith Greyrat became amnesiac mute or unresponsive. Rudeus, after arriving at his home distributed each and every belonging of Paul’s amongst his sisters.

He tried to keep his father’s armor to himself but it was eventually claimed by his mother Zenith. He buried a container filled with his father’s ashes in a cemetery which he visits whenever he has free or spare time!

What Is Mana Calamity Teleportation Incident? Why Is It A Turning Point In Rudeus’s Life?

What Happened To Paul

Mana Calamity Teleportation Incident is one of the most important events that influenced Rudy’s life a lot. This mana calamity occurred in the Fittoa region of the Asura kingdom in K417. This incident transported citizens to random locations around the globe. This also resulted in quite a lot of casualties!

Due to the massive impact of this incident on the Fittoa region, the definite numbers of casualties and missing are almost impossible to record. Because of this region, the entirety of Rudy’s family was teleported to different locations around the globe. Rudy’s whole world was flipped upside-down! The ones who got teleported are Zenith, Paul, and all his sisters too! This event truly was the one to affect the entire series’ plot immensely!

About Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

What Happened To Paul

This story is about an unnamed middle-aged Japanese man who got involved in a truck accident and ultimately met his demise. He then wakes up in an infant’s body in a completely new world. He tries his utmost to forget about his past life and studies magic. Later, he also becomes proficient in using magic.

He spends his time honing his skills to use magic. This infant was named Rudeus and was born in the Greyrat family. Afterward, he spends his time honing his skills to make proper use of his magic. Eventually becoming adept at using magic! Rudeus with his past life’s experience and magic abilities becomes a force to be reckoned with!

This series shows us various phases in Rudeus’ life and how he overcomes all the difficulties that were in his way. This is a must-watch anime that will be worth your precious time. So, make sure to give this series a try.

When Will Ranoa Academy Arc Start In Anime?

Ranoa Academy Arc will be starting on Sunday, 6th of August 2023. It is expected that by the time this arc ends, the second season’s cour one will also conclude in September 2023 at the same time. Ranoa Magic Academy arc will commence with the release of its 5th episode in season 2. This arc is of great importance and will affect the plot in many ways! Make sure to watch Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation season 2!

About Ranoa Magic Academy

What Happened To Paul

Ranoa Magic Academy is the world’s largest magic school! The Magic Guilds of the Magic Triumvirate are the ones sponsoring this academy. There are over 10,000 students enrolled here making its campus one of the biggest out there! Ranoa Magic Academy is located in the City Of Magic Sharia, Kingdom of Ranoa, Central Continent.

Where To Watch Mushoku Tensei?

You can watch this anime series on various platforms like Crunchyroll or Funimation and that too for completely free! However, on platforms like Crunchyroll, an average of 2-3 ads will be shown in between the episode which can most probably ruin your experience. So, it is recommended to buy a premium subscription. These platforms are also malware free and completely legal. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about your device’s safety! You should definitely give this anime series a try!

Why Is Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation So Popular?

Mushoku Tensei is awesome! I don’t recommend it.
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This series is loved by fans and has gained tremendous popularity over the years! This is mainly because of its good storytelling and plot. There are many series with a great plot but they lack in their storytelling department. However, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is a series that engages its viewers with its incredible storytelling as well as its plot.

The story is divided into several arcs with each one showing different phases of Rudeus Greyrat’s life. This engages its viewers and forms an emotional bond with them while also making them feel satisfied all at the same time. This is an exemplary example of the excellent storytelling ability of this series’ creators. There are also other factors such as its pace, character development, plot development, uniqueness, etc. This is an incredible series and deserves all the recognition!


Fans of this series waited for years for season two of the anime to come and also showed lots of love for the same when released. This goes on to show how much fans adore this series! Fans also love characters like Paul Greyrat and Zenith Greyrat. This is also the reason why fans are concerned about Paul and are keen to know the answers to questions like “What Happened To Paul In Mushoku Tensei?”

He meets a horrible end in the series but fans will have to wait to actually see this scene happen in anime! Until then all we can do is have patience as quite a much time will be needed for the anime adaptation of the scene to come out online. That’s it for today’s article. Thank you for reading this article until the end. Also, make sure to look out for more interesting articles like this one only on ShivSaga!

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