Best Fusing Combo to get the Demon Pet in Pet Simulator X

With back-to-back Hell and Heaven updates in August 2021, Pet Simulator X has emerged as one of the most popular role-playing games on the Roblox platform that features a variety of new exciting pets. Now, we have both heaven and hell islands and heavenly pets and hellish pets in the game. Before the heaven update, it was difficult for us to hatch and get the mythical and legendary pets. However, Preston introduced the mythical hunter pass, along with super lucky and ultra lucky passes that enable us to easily hatch and get mythical and legendary pets. With Heaven update being the most recent update, we have discussed the new upcoming cat pets and the new kind of fantasy coins in one of our blogs.

How to get the Demon Pet?

How to get the Demon Pet
Demon Pet

The Hell update was the third update for Pet Simulator X. The hell broke loose before the heaven update. We have two eggs, namely, the normal hellish egg and the golden hellish egg for the hell portal. Speaking of the hellish pets, we can hatch or fuse and get Hell Chick, Hell Rock, Hell Hound, Hell spider, Demon, the legendary hound of shades, and the mythical wyvern of shades. It is easy and does not require more luck to hatch Hell chick, Hell rock, and Hell hound. It is also easy to fuse these pets to get the legendary hound of shades and hatch the mythical wyvern of shades using the mythical hunter pass, super lucky, and ultra lucky passes.

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Many players find it difficult to hatch or fuse pets to get the demon pet. The primary reason is that hatching the demon pet is extremely rare and nearly impossible. However, you can fuse certain pets to get the demon pet. For that, you need hell spider, which is an epic rare pet as it has only a 0.26% chance of getting hatched from the hellish egg. Therefore, leaving behind the various unnecessary attempts to hatch the hell spider and demon pets from the eggs is better.

Fusing Combos to get Demon Pet in Pet Simulator X

Here we have provided you with the only possible working fusing combo method to obtain a demon pet. Check it out!

  • Now, choose and fuse 2 Golden Wisps + 2 Golden Ghosts + 2 Golden Reapers +  6 Golden spiders to get the golden demon pet.

There you go! We hope you get it! Try out the above combos to get the demon pet in Pet Simulator X!