What is the Best Greninja Build in Pokemon Unite

Offensive Pokémon are found to be maintain their solid pace in 10-minutes long matches of Pokémon Unite. Greninja is one the most favorites attacking Pokémon in the game and hybrid support nature gives it an edge over other Pocket Monster.

So, if you want to play with Greninja and pull some interesting bouts, then here is the best Greninja build for you.

1). Greninja is a physical attacker, but it lands attack very quickly, and using shell bell can replenish some HP while landing hits on the opponents or cleaning wild Pokémon.

2). Greninja is known for its quick movements like Pikachu and with Float Stone, it can also surpass many speedster type Pokémon when running outside of combat.

3). The tried and true Muscle Band is increase Greninja’s attack stat and boost up the Pokémon’s basic attack to land an advantageous hits on the opposing Pokémon HP. And with Shell Bell, the Pokémon can do more damage and regenerate HP meanwhile.

4). The Eject Button is one of the best battle items for Greninja. It enhances Pokémon’s dodging speed, and also help to pursue enemies without any extra effort.


5). Since the there is no substitute over the level one move: Bubble, there is no workaround other than levelling up.

6). Geninja is one the several Pokémon whose have Surf as special move on level five. Surf makes Pokémon to get closer to the opponents and burst them down. Also, it restores HP when deals a damage.

7).  Upon reaching level 7, smokescreen can act as good utility for Greninja to dash in other direction and land a quick attack to stun the opponent. It can also help the players to perform a sneaky knockdown or flank attack.