What is the best Snorlax build in Pokemon Unite ?

Pokemon Unite

Snorlax is one of the best defenders in Pokémon realm. Being a sleepy normal-type, its gigantic body can block anything if it has right set of moves and held items. So, here is the best Snorlax build in Pokémon Unite which can give you an upper hand in decisive battles where a lot of stakes are dependent on defensive abilities.

What is the best Snorlax build in Pokémon Unite ?

Here is the answer for above question in form of best Snorlax moves and held items. Combining the best use of moves and items in defensive battles with Snorlax can blow away opponents in seconds.

Best Snorlax move in Pokémon Unite

  • On level 1, the only Tackle is available to perform followed by basic attacks to pull victory. If health gets too low, then rest is only option to self-heal, but it also leads to vulnerability.
  • On level 6, players should choose Heavy Slam . It is one of the most powerful attacks in the game gives advantage of distance to stun the fleeing enemies.
  • On level 8, players should pick Block. This is one of the most versatile ability that can not only push the entire team, also can push the opponents into wall. Doing heavy slam followed by block is a must do maneuver to finish the enemies.

Best Held Items of Snorlax in Pokémon Unite

First item, a trainer should use is Assault Vest held item. It gives a huge boost in HP stat and also uplifts your special defense. It also gives a shield while cleaning wild.

The second item should be Focus Band. Like Assault Vest, it gives boost in both Defense stats. Also, it enables self-heal whenever Snorlax is low on HP.

Last, items trainer should pick is Buddy Barrier. Its Unite Move gives enables a close shield around the teammates. Also its provides a boost in total HP.

Battle Item of Snorlax

The best battle item, trainers could ask for Snorlax is Eject Button that gets unlocked at level 11. Pairing it with heavy slam, Snorlax gets an insane mobility and can easily cover miles in no time.