When Kaiju No.8 Anime Is Coming ? Kaiju No.8 Anime Release Date Predictions

If you’re looking for a new horror Sci-fi action fantasy series, then Kaiju No.8 is the one you can put your trust in. It is relatively a new manga series in the shonen world but can become one of the most popular shonen manga series in the coming years. According to the weeb experts, the series will gain fame and rise just like Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Tokyo Revengers very soon. Kaiju No. 8 began serializing in the shonen jump from July 2020. It recently won the Next Coming Manga Awards 2021, proving it’s worth becoming the next top series. Being a contender of top shonen manga, the demand for Kaiju No. 8 has been increasing. Weebs are trying to figure out when Kaiju No.8 Anime Is Coming? What is Kaiju No. 8 release date?.

Kaiju No. 8 Synopsis

Weird monsters like Godzilla called Kaijuu have appeared in cities of Japan. Defense Corps are the elite military personal of the Japanese Government to deal with these beasts and protect the civilians. The story revolves around Kafka Hibino, a 32-year-old sweeper working under Professional Kaijuu Cleaner Corporation to dispose of the remains of dead Kaiju. He and his childhood friend Mina Ashiro vowed to fight against Kaiju by joining the Defense Corps when the beasts destroyed their town. Mina has become the key member of Defence Corp’s third unit, but Kafka failed to achieve the same feat.

He tried to give the exam many times, but failed every time and then gave up and started working as a sweeper. But, when 18 years old Leno Ichikawa joins his team, he is again reminded of his goal to get into the Defence military. After a series of attacks, a small Kaijuu enters his body through his mouth, turning him into a humanoid monster. Gaining the strength of Kaijuu, Kafka gives a final try to his life goal.

Kaiju No. 8 Anime Release. When Kaiju No.8 Anime Is Coming ?

Kaiju No.8 Anime Release

We know after seeing the manga in the limelight, many fans are looking forward to seeing the Kaiju No.8 getting an anime adaption, but it is not possible till 2022. The Series has only 43 chapters so far that are good enough for a season of 12 episodes, but it is unlikely to happen. All the new generation series saw anime adaption after 100 chapters like Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Revengers, etc. So, it is safe to assume that Kaiju No. 8 will get anime-only after 100 chapters at least.

The Kaiju No.8 is available on the Shueisha Manga Plus app and site too. You can read all 43 chapters there. However, all chapters are not free to read on the app, so you will have to search a little bit on the internet you will get all chapters for free to read.