When Will Boruto Timeskip Happen? Theories And Rumors Explained

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is one of the most prominent sequel series in the history of the anime and manga community. The series started sometime after the end of the Naruto manga series and that of the Naruto Shippuden anime. While this most-awaited has received rather mixed reviews from the fans, the story continues to have an impressive fan following and the readers and watchers of the series cannot wait to know the direction the story takes.

What is Boruto: Naruto Next Generations about?

Boruto Timeskip

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations follows the son of Naruto and Hinata – Boruto Uzumaki, as he learns what it means to be a shinobi as well as forge and follow his path as a shinobi. With Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki as his teammates, he sets out to begin his journey. But the world has changed a lot over time. Even in the seemingly peaceful era, dangerous threats lurk around, waiting for the right moment to put their malicious plans into action.

The enemies that Boruto and his friends are not just shinobi but also members of the godly Otsutsuki clan. These inhuman beings are too powerful to be taken down even by the strongest fighters around. Boruto becomes the subject of a dangerous prophecy, one that says that he’ll either be a hero who saves all or a monster that destroys everything. Meanwhile, Kawaki, a young boy with deep-seated trauma and mysterious intentions emerges.

The Timeskip in the Boruto series

Both the manga and anime of the Boruto series begin with a scene that shows Konoha in ruins, the Hokage Rock in shambles, and Boruto fighting a person named Kawaki on top of the mountain while discussing the fate of all shinobi. Both are fighting each other with absolutely no intentions of holding back. The scene then shifts to the time when Boruto was an Academy student and the story begins.

That one scene is the only glimpse fans get of a young adult Boruto. There have been no other scenes that hint at what is going on in that period. But fans are quite sure that this scene would occur after a time skip in the Boruto series, just like the one fans got for Naruto Shippuden. The series will most probably have a time skip of 3 to 4 years when the characters will train for coming fights and enemies.

When will the Time Skip Happen?

Ikemoto, about a year ago, stated that the time skip is upon us and will happen soon. But the story seems to be going on without any break whatsoever for now. As the manga is still quite a bit ahead of the anime, the time skip will occur in the manga first. But the plotline in the manga does not seem to be ending for a while. Thus, it may take a couple of more arcs for the series to feature the time skip.

Theories and Rumors about the Time Skip

There are many theories and rumors regarding the Boruto series time skip. Some popular ones are as follows-

  • Naruto is dead/sealed – Naruto has already been sealed in a separate dimension in the Boruto series. It is not difficult to say that it might happen again. On the other hand, he might also die as he has also lost his strongest power, which makes him more vulnerable.
  • Sasuke’s death – Fans have predicted Sasuke’s death for a while as well. When fighting Kawaki at the very beginning of the series, Boruto was wearing a cape and had a katana, which was very similar to Sasuke’s. This might also be a way for Sarada to activate her Mangekyou Sharingan.
  • Boruto and Kawaki become Otsutsuki – This is a very popular theory. With each manga chapter, fans get more information about the Otsutsuki clan. There is a way through which humans can become Otsutsuki.
  • Sasuke/Kashin Koji train Boruto – Sasuke is Boruto’s master. But we don’t know whether they’ll go on a training journey like Naruto and Jiraiya. Kashin Koji is rather unlikely to train Boruto, despite being Jiraiya’s clone.
  • Sarada gets the Byakugou seal – Many fans believe that Sarada might get the Byakugou seal-like Tsunade and Sakura. This way, she would be able to deal with the problems caused by Mangekyou Sharingan.