Where Does Spy x Family Anime Part 1 End In Manga? Part 2 Release Date & Spoilers

Spy X Family is Tatsuya Endo’s superhit manga and anime series. The manga started serialization in 2019 and it received an anime adaptation in 2022. The series received an incredibly positive reception from the audience. The Spy X Family anime became one of the highest-rated series of all time soon after the release of its first few episodes. In this post, we discuss where does Spy x Family Part 1 end in manga.

What is the story of Spy X Family?

After a violent and turbulent war, the two countries establish a reluctant and unstable peaceful cooperation. But some people work to use and manipulate these circumstances for their gains and profits. This is why the countries of secret agencies of spies and officers stop these people from succeeding.

The greatest spy in the world, Twilight, receives a mission that makes him come in contact with a powerful politician. But in order to complete this mission, he needs a family. He adopts an orphaned young girl named Anya and marries Yor Briar who wanted to pretend to be in a relationship with someone.

But Twilight is not the only person hiding his identity. Anya is an esper – a human experiment gave her the power to read minds. Yor is a world-famous assassin titled Thorn Princess. Yor wanted a family that would help her avoid suspicion and continue her work while Anya just wanted to be adopted. Except for Anya, no one in the family knows about each other’s identities.

Where does Spy X Family Season 1 Part 1 end in Manga?

The Spy X Family anime adapts its manga source very loyally. Generally, one chapter of the manga is adapted in each episode of the anime. The first season of Spy X Family anime will air in two parts. The first one started in April 2022 and had a total of 12 episodes. The 12th episode adapted an extra chapter, which was chapter 11.5, and this episode served as a mid-season finale. The 11th episode adapted the 16th chapter of the manga. The second part of the season will continue to adapt the manga from chapter 17 onwards.

Spy X Family Anime Part 2 Release Date and Spoilers

The second part of the first season of the Spy X Family anime was rumored to start airing in the second half of 2022. As the first part of the anime concluded, it was revealed that the second part of season 1 will start airing in October 2022, though the exact date has not been confirmed.

The second part of the first season will start with the Forger family facing terrorists who intend to blast a bomb in the middle of the city. Loid receives this mission and Anya learns about it through her powers. She helps to solve the situation, unknown to anyone else. Meanwhile, the Forger family finds another member with superpowers.

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