Where To Watch 4 Cut Hero Online In English Dub?

In today’s article, we will be telling you guys where to watch 4 Cut Hero online in English dubbed version. So, make sure to read this article until the end as it is going to be really interesting. Now, without any further delay, let’s proceed!

Where To Watch 4 Cut Hero In English Dub?

Right now, the only possible way to watch 4 Cut Hero online is Bilibili. Yes, this anime is available to watch only on Bilibili’s official site. 4 Cut Hero is not available on Crunchyroll or any other streaming site other than the abovementioned one. This is so because this Donghua anime is produced and distributed by Bilibili only.

Other reasons indicate that this anime is underrated and thus doesn’t attract much attention from the big players in the industry. Also, you can stream this anime’s episodes for free on Bilibili. However, there is a twist, Bilibili is only available in limited regions and not everyone can get access to this site. We’ve discussed this matter even further in the section below.

So, refer to that for more related details. Also, the English dubbed version of 4 Cut Hero is not available at the moment and is only available in the subbed version.

4 Cut Hero Cast

Here is the main cast of 4 Cut Hero anime:

  1.  Zeed Toven – Zhenji Huang
  2. Ma Li Ya – Zhao Shuang
  3. Ruda Katran – Xin Shan
  4. Zena – Ning Yang
  5. Za Yi Er – Diao Li
  6. Laiqi – Yi Tang
  7. Fogue – Xing Kaixin
  8. Krodin – Banma Ma
  9. Ge De Er – Jingxin Ren
  10. Lu Pei Er – Jian Zhou

About 4 Cut Hero 

4 Cut Hero

The plot of this anime is very intriguing centred around the genre of harem. The series starts with the main protagonist who is a Hero being defeated by Demon King. However, like any other anime, this Donghua also has its share of plot twists. The princess he was meant to save turns out to be a prince.

Eventually, he gets intertwined in various unfavorable circumstances like millennia-old legends, curses, and political tensions between nations and dragons. This is what makes the series so unique as the plot continuously keeps its viewers engaged, unlike some other Donghua. He tries to start his life anew, wanting to redo everything but little did he know what was gonna come his way to stop him in his tracks! It is fun for the viewers to see the protagonist overcome various hurdles and how he handles tacky situations.

This series is a good one and you should definitely give it a try! If this series piqued your interest then go watch this anime right now only on Bilibili.

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