Who Is Nanahoshi In Mushoku Tensei? Is She Reincarnated Like Rudeus?

Episode 9, The White Mask of Mushoku Tensei season 2 revealed to us a variety of information about the character shrouded in the clouds of mystery for a long time, Nanahoshi! In today’s article, we will learn who Nanahoshi exactly is and whether or not she is reincarnated like Rudeus! So, make sure to read this article until the end as it is going to be very interesting. Now, without any further delay let’s begin with this article!

Who Is Nanahoshi?

Nanahoshi Shizuka who is an ally of the Dragon God, Orsted merely watched as Orsted pierced Rudeus’s heart a few years before he enrolled in the Ranoa Magic Academy! However, she after talking it out with Orsted made him heal Rudeus and the other two so that they don’t die. At that point in Rudeus’s life, many questions were asked from the fans! Some of these were, “Who is this girl?” or “What did she say to Orsted to make him save Rudeus right after stabbing him?”

When Orsted pierced through Rudy’s heart, Nanahoshi Shizuka his partner told him that Rudeus might be the same as her. Or in other words, she sensed that Rudeus was either teleported to this world like her or reincarnated! This was so because he was not afraid of the Dragon God, Orsted even in the slightest! In episode 9 Rudeus after consulting Sylphy who goes by the alibi of Fitz decides to go and meet the mysterious Silent Seven Stars.

After he reached her room he came to an immediate realization that this girl was none other than who was with Orsted that day! He freaked out and ran for his life but fainted the middleway! After he woke up and had a chat with this girl he came to know that she in particular was not after his life. Apparently, this Silent Seven Stars’ name is Nanahoshi Shizuka and she is from the state of Japan!

Yes, she is from Japan, actually, she is one of the students who was saved by Rudeus in his past life! However, she was teleported in the middle of Ashura Kingdom after some years from Rudeus’s reincarnation! She is in actuality also one of the major causes of the Teleportation Incident alongside Rudeus!

Is Nanahoshi Reincarnated Like Rudeus?

Who Is Nanahoshi

The answer to this question is no! This is so because she when talking to Rudeus clearly mentions that she was teleported into this world. She also doesn’t age because of being a foreign object in this world. She has to calculate the backlashes of every minute action or decision she takes in this world.

This is so because if she just did whatever suited her convenience then the world itself would erase her, just like when someone time travels and causes a major change in the past!

About Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Who Is Nanahoshi

This story is about a man who is in his 30s and got involved in a truck accident while saving some kids. He ultimately met his demise. At this point, it seemed that everything was over for him! However, he is given a second shot at life and wakes up in a baby’s body in a completely new world different from the one he knew.

This man who was reincarnated in the body of a baby was named Rudeus and was born in a prominent noble Greyrat family of the Asura kingdom. This series shows us various phases in Rudeus’ life and how he overcomes all the difficulties and challenges that he’ll face throughout this new life. This is a must-watch Isekai anime that will be worth your precious time. So, make sure to give this series a try.

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