Who Is The 8th Hokage After Naruto’s Fake Death In Boruto?

We saw Kawaki shifting all the blame and declaring Boruto as the killer of Naruto (who isn’t really dead though). Boruto went with Sasuke for his training and Kawaki continued with his plan to exterminate all of the Otsutsuki from the face of the earth. However, one particular question remained! This question is, “Who took the place of 8th Hokage after Naruto’s made-up death by Kawaki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?”In today’s article, we will be answering this question in detail. So, make sure to read until the end. Without any further ado, let’s begin with this article.

Who Is The 8th Hokage After Naruto’s Fake Death In Boruto Chapter 81?

8th Hokage

Recently, chapter 81 of Boruto:Naruto Next Generations came out. We saw a different Konoha in this chapter. A total of 3 years passed after the drastic events that took place in the preceding chapters of the series. From new character designs to a changed storyline and world.

This chapter depicts all of these aspects perfectly. The question, “Who is the Hokage after Naruto’s Fake Death in Boruto?” is also answered in this chapter. Shikamaru Nara is the one who is entitled as the Eight Hokage of the leaf village after Naruto.

Under normal circumstances, he would’ve been the advisor to the Seventh Hokage or Naruto like he has been up until now. However, ever since “Omnipotence” affected everyone’s mind and completely brainwashed them over the past couple of years in the series it seems impossible that this dire situation is going to get better anytime soon. As of now, we can only hope that with Boruto’s arrival, the situation will get better. Nonetheless, we are gonna witness a lot of battles in the upcoming chapters of this series.

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A Recap Of The Story

8th Hokage

Previously, Kawaki after being declared as a dangerous element by the top authorities in Konoha tried to escape by erasing his chakra completely. At first, he was able to but this actually consumes a ton of chakra. After running out of charka he was completely left out of options and sought some kind of shelter or safety. Eida who is an ally of Kawaki came to her aid and unconsciously triggered a very high level of jutsu called “Omnipotence.”

This jutsu when put in action completely brainwashed every single being in the Naruto universe into believing that Kawaki is in fact Naruto’s son and Boruto is an ungrateful outsider who betrayed them and also killed the Seventh Hokage. In other words, the roles of both Kawaki and Boruto got completely reversed. This meant that every single mind in Konoha would now try to catch Boruto instead of Kawaki for these horrendous crimes. Boruto with the unexpected help from Sasuke succeeded in escaping all the bloodthirsty Shinobis and swore that he will fix up everything.

He then goes on training for three years. The recently released chapter 81 shows us the results of Boruto’s training and also continues the story after the time skip. So, make sure to read it! On that note, it is now time to wrap up this article.

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