Will BitCraft be free to play for PC?

BitCraft is an upcoming action and survival game in development by Clockworks Lab for PC and other platforms. BitCraft encourages players to play with their buddies and craft many things, including making their own path. The game features various play styles from farming, hunting, city-building, and exploring the limitless open-world sandbox. Players can even learn new combat skills and master the unlocked skills by practicing them. The game’s primary goal is to achieve cooperation over combat, work together to control the wilderness, and expand territories by building cities and towns. Players can become the town leader they built, reward friends, and defeat enemies in war.

Will BitCraft be free to play for PC?

Well, the Bitcraft game is still in development. The good news is the pre-alpha test of the game will be launching for Windows PC. The team of developers stated that they would be looking forward to the pre-alpha testers trying out this amazing new game and return feedbacks regarding their first impression of the game. The primary focus of this test will be to examine the technology and gameplay features of BitCraft. The initial phase of the pre-alpha test is likely to set off at the end of 2021.

Will BitCraft be free to play for PC

It is expected that the test will be over by the end of 2021. But a final release date of BitCraft is not yet been revealed. We can surely assume that the beta version of BitCraft can be scheduled for the next year, 2022. There is no information yet, whether BitCraft will be free-to-play or not. Stay tuned for more updates on BitCraft!

How many players can play at a time in Bitcraft World?

According to the developers of Clockwork Labs, there is currently no upper limit set to the number of players playing at a time. The game’s server is uniquely designed to add and generate more land locations when the number of players increases. However, the old players of the game may not be able to access the new locations. But it will always be possible for every player to interact, even from varying locations.