Wind Breaker Chapter 399 Release Date & Spoilers

Wind Breaker by Yongseok Jo is one of the most popular sports manhwa series in the world. The series began serialization in Naver Webtoon in 2013. Its English version came out the very next year on Line Webtoon. This series has a great fan following and incredibly impressive ratings and reviews on all platforms. In this post, we discuss Wind Breaker Chapter 399 Release Date & Spoilers.

What is the story of Wind Breaker?

This series focuses on a group of students and their passion for biking. The protagonist of the manhwa, Jay Jo is a model student with perfect grades and attitude. He has the respect of all of his teachers and classmates due to his responsible and diligent demeanor. But his strict and disciplined life is the result of his family’s overbearing expectations and rules. This has led him to have absolutely no social life.

His social life is not the only thing that was affected. Even as a person, he has no aspirations, motivations, hope, passions, or hobbies. His life is plain and bland, only consisting of studying and his familial roles and responsibilities. Jay intimates his classmates and peers due to his perfectionism and severe aura.

His life takes a turn for the better when one of his classmates, Min Woo Yoo, sees him biking. Watching Jay perform maneuvers that pro bikers have problems in impresses, Min Woo Yoo, to the extent that he starts pestering Jay to join his biking club. Despite being repeatedly rejected by Jay, Min Woo Yoo persists and then finally presents a bet – if Jay wins in a biking race against his club members, he’ll stop bothering him. But if Jay loses, he’ll have to join the club.

This manhwa began publication on the Naver Webtoon platform in December 2013. The series soon gained massive popularity and its English-translated version came out in the following year, in 2014. Currently, this series has 397 published chapters available on the internet. The next chapter will be coming out soon too.

Wind Breaker Chapter 399 Release Date & Spoilers

The release date of the next chapter of Wind Breaker, which is chapter number 399 is available on the internet. Fans can expect to read the next chapter of this wonderful sports series soon. Chapter number 399 of the Wind Breaker manhwa will come out on 27 June 2022. There have been no announcements about the series going on a break next week yet, so this is most likely to be the release date of the chapter.

The latest chapter of the series showed the continuation of the biking race as well as a heartbreaking backstory of bullying and betrayal of trust. The end of the chapter also focused on the usage of drugs by athletes to win their competitions.

The next chapter will bring the audience closer to the end of the race as well as its result and consequence. The finale of the race is about to be revealed as both bikers make the race about their personal issues and pasts.