Wind Breaker Chapter 412 Release Date & Spoilers

Wind Breaker by Yongseok Jo is a well-known sports manhwa series. In 2013, the serialization of the series on Naver Webtoon began. The English version debuted the following year on Line Webtoon. This series has a large fan base and consistently receives positive ratings and reviews across all platforms. In this post, we discuss the Wind Breaker Chapter 412 release date.

What is the story of this manhwa?

Jay Jo is a model student with perfect grades and attitude. Because of his responsible and diligent demeanor, he has earned the respect of all of his teachers and classmates. His oppressive family’s expectations and rules for him have resulted in his strict and disciplined way of life. As a result, he is socially isolated.

His life is dull and monotonous because he lacks ambitions and passions. Those around Jay are wary of his strict demeanor. When one of his classmates, Min Woo Yoo, spots him bicycling, his life is turned upside down. Min Woo Yoo is impressed with Jay’s skills and invites him to join his biking club. But Jay refuses. Nonetheless, Min Woo Yoo persists in his invitation and finally proposes a bet: a bike race that will decide whether Jay joins the club or not.

Wind Breaker Manhwa Status

In December 2013, this manhwa debuted on the Naver Webtoon platform. The series quickly became popular, and an English-translated version was released in 2014. This series currently has 411 published chapters available on the internet. The manhwa’s next chapter will be released soon.

Wind Breaker Chapter 412 Release Date and Spoilers 

The release date for the next chapter of the Wind Breaker manhwa has been set. Because there has been no word of the series going on hiatus, the next chapter will most likely be released per the series’ usual release schedule. As a result, fans can look forward to reading Chapter 412 of Wind Breaker by 27 September 2022.

The previous chapter focused on the entry of a new character, the monk, who supposedly races his bike faster than a racing car. This monk, seemingly a calm pushover, turned out to be a powerful individual. The next chapter will focus on the monk’s adventures in the city while Jay and his friends will make a comeback and will meet the monk sooner or later.