Top 10 Omnipotent Anime Characters Ranked [2023]

The world of anime boasts a variety of punch-packing characters for the power lovers, anywhere from samurais to assassins, ninjas to whole aliens, martial arts veterans to underdog streetfighters. However, even amongst the elite, exist those on par with none. Heroes, villains, champions, lone wolves and fighters with dreams and goals who conquer every stage and find a place beyond the reach of their peers. In this article, we take a look at anime characters so powerful it would not be unreasonable to call them omnipotent.

1. Zeno from Dragon Ball Super

Omnipotent Anime Characters

Okay so maybe it’s a bit of a cheat to have a literal god of all universes on this list, but there’s no discussion of omnipotence and power in the anime community that doesn’t involve this elusive character. Zeno may be short and unimpressionable, but he holds the title of ‘Omni-King’ for his control and dominance over multiverses. Proof of his feats includes his decision to casually destroy six of eighteen universes in mere bouts of anger. His playful battles with his future self result in the destruction of many planets. He shows a childlike apathy towards living beings due to a lack of companionship, although this is lessened by his friendship with Goku.

2. Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The titular heroine of this eccentric story set in a regular world, Haruhi is anything but normal. Most people wouldn’t immediately think about her when talking about omnipotence but looking at her powers, its impossible to not have her high on this list. Haruhi leads as president of the SOS Brigade, a club dedicated to the study and discovery of time travelers, espers, aliens and supernatural phenomenon. However, unbeknownst to her, her sub-conscious holds the power to re-shape, destroy and create the very fabric of reality. In order to keep her in check, her club members are sent from their respective higher ups and the group of friends tackle high school life as well as the many whims of Haruhi.

3. Saitama from One Punch Man

Omnipotent Anime Characters

Popular within his anime and a fan favorite for his comical antics and relatable personality, Saitama defeats all his opponents in one punch. While this works in his favor as a hero for his city, he finds that he has lost the thrill of the battle due to his punches overwhelming everyone in just one hit. This causes his battles to be anti-climatic but fans agree that there is no set upper bound limit to his powers due to him casually defeating even mechanical and supernatural bred and manufactured to be superhuman. Thankfully, Saitama seems to possess a humanly average appetite considering he is unable to beat Genos in a spicy noodle eating contest.

4. Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto

Its typically believed that the strongest character in world-famous anime series Naruto would be the titular protagonist Naruto himself. However, even he never manages to defeat the series ultimate villain without help. Hailing from another world altogether, Kaguya arrives to take the fruit of the God Tree. Once the matriarch of her branch family, Kaguya masters Chakra and hence gains control over all five nature transformations as well as Yin and Yang. Every atom of her body is a weapon, her eyes blessed with Byakugan and her hair used to immobilize the vital points of her enemies. She also wields a third eye, the Rinne Sharingan. She boasts many powers, enhanced after her consumption of the God Tree’s fruit.

5. Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magic

Its easy to be fooled by this picture of innocence. After all, no one expects world-ending powers from a kind-hearted eighth grade who loves cats and sports a cute smile with bubbly pink hair to match. Her entry to the world of magical girls and supernatural crime fighting begins with a mere wish that changes the very timeline. Her power depends on the the timeline and incarnation she exists in but upon achieving her Ultimate form, Madoka unleashes her ability to altering realities as well as the flow of the universe she is a part of. This transcendence has hinted that she may have gained awareness of other timelines and can observe them, even interfering if required.

6. Kami Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo!

Omnipotent Anime Characters

Dubbed the God of Heaven and Earth, Kami Tenchi is a supreme being encountered by the series protagonist further down the plot. As the creator and ruler of the universe, he has the ability to control time and space. Not much is known about this solitary deity but when met, he is shown to be a wise and benevolent leader who is formidable and assertive when faced with adversity He is able to wield multiple kinds of energy at once and is classified as a transcendent deity in the omniverse.

7. Hajun from Shinza Bansho

Omnipotent Anime Characters

Mara Papiyas, or more commonly known as Hajun, is the God of the Sixth Heaven in this series’ worldbuilding. Egotistic and unempathetic by nature, Hajun is the only God without a special or niche technique, instead channeling his raw power into battle. He also possesses a tumor that plagues him with phantom sensations, which only serves to increase his powers infinitely as he desires true solitude. Moreover, he is capable of triggering mass massacres on multiversal levels and subjecting the desires of people to consume their masters. The core source of his powers comes from his own purpose of existence, to destroy all that exists. As the main antagonist of Kajiri Kamui Kagura, he almost succeeds.

8. Medaka Kurokami from Medaka Box

Another unassuming character joins the roster with as the Student Council President of Hakoniwa Academy and eventually going on to become its chairwoman. From birth, Medaka showed immense capabilities in perfecting anything and everything she learned and was taught. She possesses a superhuman physiology and exudes a charisma that urges people and even animals to fear, follow and respect her lead. Medaka masters an extremely powerful ability named ‘The End’, an ability that accelerates her ability to learn and perfect everything based off of information in all formats and method of communication. A truly fearful ability that always keeps her ten steps ahead of the rest.

9.Alucard from Hellsing

Not a God but a vampire, Alucard is a cruel and ruthless killer loyal to the Hellsing Organization, servant of Sir Integra Hellsing and is the organization’s most powerful weapon. Invulnerable due to his immortality, Alucard often takes to taunting his foes on the battlefield and likes to dismember and torture them as much as possible before granting death, earning him a reputation as a bloodthirsty sadist. He boasts superhuman strength and can regenerate his body immediately, combined with his extrasensory perception, his fatal points are almost impossible to target and even with possible vulnerabilities, he is the most the powerful character in the series and has the history to prove it.

10. Meruem from Hunter x Hunter

Prideful and heartless, a signature picture of a god complex, Meruem is a humanoid Chimera Ant with a cruel and sadistic streak for bloody battles and subjugating the weak. He shows no sympathy for the weak and treats them as inferiors but shows a quiet respectful acknowledgment for stronger foes such as Neferpitou. Birthed to be the ultimate biological weapon, he sports unimaginable strength, speed, reflexes and intelligence. His hard-shelled body gives him immense durability, stamina and pain tolerance. These abilities are only enhanced when he consumes the power of Nen.

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