Top 20 Best Yuri Anime Series On Netflix, Hulu, Hidive And Crunchyroll

In today’s article, we will be looking into the top 20 best Yuri anime series on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Hidive and Crunchyroll. So, make sure to read this article until the end as it is going to be very interesting. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin with this article!

1. Netsuzou Trap – NTR (5/10)

This anime series shows us the story of two high school girls named Yuma and Hotaru. Both of these girls have been close friends since their childhood and Yuma would protect Hotaru from bullies and such. She considered protecting Hotaru as her job and has been doing so ever since! The relationship of these two starts to change once both of them enter their high school life.

Yuma because she recently got a boyfriend and is nervous about it asks Hotaru to help her with a “Dress Rehearsal.” This results in a deep kiss between the both of them. Yuma who is an honest girl was troubled by this fact. She worried what would be her boyfriend’s reaction if he found out.

At the same time, she wondered why this kiss with Hotaru felt much better than with her boyfriend. Later on, Yuma would go on to realize this strange feeling inside her. The events that take place in this series are sure to make anyone blush and tingle with excitement. Make sure to give this series a try as it’ll be a great change of air from all those action-packed anime!

2. Kase-San And Morning Glories (7.2/10)

This anime series revolves around its female lead protagonist named Yui Yamada who is a bashful as well as weak-kneed girl. The only thing she looks forward to is tending to various plants in the school’s garden. She eventually falls in love with a popular and athletic girl, Tomoka Kase. After a multitude of meetings and interactions, they both start dating each other.

The rest of the plot after the confession part is about the hardships they face in their relationship. This is one of the best Yuri anime series available on Crunchyroll. So, make sure to watch it!

3. Inugami-San To Nekoyama-San (6/10)

In this anime, there is a girl named Yachiyo Inugami whose traits are like that of a dog but she loves cats. Then there is another girl named Suzu Nekoyama who is like a cat but loves dogs. When both of these girls meet each other they instantly fall in love with each other. This anime is a little bit unique and different from other Yuri anime series in terms of its characters and overall plot. However, that is also what makes this anime intriguing!

4. Citrus (6.5/10)

This anime series is about a girl named Yuzu Aihara. She is fashionable and a charming city girl. After her mother’s remarriage, she transferred to a new high school and house. She struggles to fit in her new school which is a conservative all-girls school because of her being acquainted with boys too much all these years.

She frequently clashes with the student council of this school. However, when the student council president, Mei Aihara who is a hard-working and beautiful girl is revealed to be the new stepsister of Yuzu the relationship status between these then changes forever! You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll for free but an average of 2-3 ads will be shown in between the episode which can ruin your experience. So, it is suggested to buy a subscription for the said platform. Make sure to watch this anime as it will keep you hooked!

5. Sakura Trick (6.9/10)

This anime shows us the intimate relationship between Haruka Takayama and Yu Sonoda. These two girls were inextricable and were incredibly close to each other but they were seated in the exact opposite sides of the classroom after entering high school. They decided to take their relationship up a notch after being separated from each other for so long. On top of that, they had to keep this special relationship of theirs a secret so as to not sully their social image

There is quite a bit of fan service in this anime. This is one of the best Yuri anime series available on Crunchyroll. So, make sure to give this anime a try!

6. Sweet Blue Flowers (7/10)

This anime revolves around its two female protagonists Akira Okudaira and Fumi Manjome. At the beginning of this anime, we see Akira enrolling in Fujigaya Girls Academy. Later on, she comes into contact with her childhood friend Fumi. She is attending Matsuoka Girls Academy.

Fumi also quickly becomes friends with a Third-Year Yasuko Sugimoto. Yasuko is a cool and popular girl who is also the captain of the school’s basketball team. Later on in the series both Fumi and Yasuko become a couple leaving Akira confused on how to act around Fumi! However, Akira still tries her best to respect Fumi’s decision and supports their relationship with all her might.

At this point, another major game-changer character comes into the play who is a teacher at Fujigaya, Masanori Kagami. Yasuko fell in love with Masanori Kagami. When she came to know that her sister was going to marry him, she broke up with Fumi. Some time passes by, and  Fumi tells Akira that she was her first love which leaves Akira embarrassed and flabbergasted!

Viewers will get to savour many bittersweet moments in this anime which will make them tingle with excitement. Make sure to watch this anime as it is currently one of the best Yuri anime available on Crunchyroll!

7. Kakegurui (7.1/10)

Kakegurui or Compulsive Gambler is an anime series that takes place at the Hyakkaou Private Academy. This series revolves around Yumeko Jamabi who is a transfer student with a gambling addiction. Her gambling skills are top-notch and with the help of her wits, she disrupts the student’s status and success by counteracting the cheating methods of other gamblers. This anime series is one of the best Yuri anime series available on Netflix. So, make sure to give it a try at the least!

8. Sasameki Koto (6.9/10)

 LGBTQ Anime On Crunchyroll

This anime is about a high school girl Murasame Sumika who is excellent in both academics and sports. She is a very popular girl who for the people on the sidelines seems to be able to do almost anything. This is true to some extent, however, even she can’t do some things like openly confess to a girl she loves. Kazama Ushio, the girl whom Sumika fell in love with is in the dark about Sumika’s feelings towards her!

However, Sumika eventually plans to confess to her some time or another! Sumika also has a keen interest in girls’ love! Will she accept Sumika’s feelings? Will Sumika be able to come clean about her feelings towards Ushio?

You can only know the answers to these questions by watching this series! There are many heart-throbbing moments in this series that will make fans blush! So, make sure not to miss out on this series and watch it till the end.

9. Bloom Into You (7.8/10)

This anime series is truly one of the few anime on Netflix that serializes the Yuri genre precisely. Its original was from the 5th of October 2018 to the 28th of December 2018. Studio Troyca is the one who animated this show. The plot of this anime depicts the love story of our two female protagonists, Yuu Koito and Touko Nanami. Both of these girls are high school students and slowly but surely they fall in love with each other over the course of the series. Currently, it is one of the best Yuri anime series on Netflix. So, those looking for a good anime from the said genre should definitely check this show out!

10. Little Witch Academia (7.8/10)

At a glance, this anime gives a lot of “Innocent and Cute Magical girls” vibes, but it is not put on this list for no reason! This anime’s main theme is centred around Magic and is quite similar to Harry Porter which doesn’t need any explanation. Currently, this is one of the few available anime on Netflix that consists of a little bit of Yuri anime’s elements. So, make sure to give it a try!

11. Aria The Scarlet Ammo (6.5/10)

First of all, there are only a handful of Yuri anime on Hulu. And of course, this anime is one of them. It is a Yuri and Romantic Comedy anime consisting of a total of 12 episodes. Its original run was from the 15th of April, 2011 to the 1st of July 2011.

It is animated by the famous studio of J.C. Staff. Its spin-off manga named Aria The Scarlet Ammo AA was released back in the year of 2010 with it getting serialized in the year of 2015 by studio Doga Kobo. This anime features Butei or War Scout which is a qualification established by the state for professionals to put an end to the worsening crime cases around the globe! Kinji Toyama who is a student at Tokyo Butei High comes into contact with an elite Butei named Aria H. Kanzaki after quitting the academy due to personal reasons! After this fateful encounter, Kinji’s entire life takes a U-Turn for good!

12. Sailor Moon (7.7/10)

This anime belongs to the Magica Girls genre with some Yuri elements that act as a spice which is a big plus point for the series. This series tells us the story of a schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino. Usagi goes on an adventure to find the magical artefact of the “Legendary Silver Crystal.” The following story shows us the various challenges faced by Usagi in her adventures.

This is a pretty old anime that dates as far back as to the year of 1992. Toei Animations is the one to animate this series. The same studio that animates One Piece’s episodes! This show is currently one of the best with Yuri elements available on Hulu. So, Yuri fans make sure to watch this series!

13. Azur Lane (5.7/10)

“Red Axis” and the “Azur Lane” are the two faces of the same coin. Both factions are comprised of humanoid female embodiments of warships. They were created by humans for the purpose of battling a mysterious foe known as “Sirens” who took over all the seas of the world. Their ultimate goal is to defeat “Sirens” and take back the seas controlled by them.

However, a lot of humane emotions were passed down to these warships in the process. Which made them split into two factions as stated above! Red Axis joins the Sirens in their evil schemes. However, the humanoid warships in the Azur Lane faction remain on the human side battling both Sirens and Red Axis!

They believe that all these bad elements must be put down for good! What will happen in this war of tyrannical rulers vs Righteous Warriors? To find that out, you must watch this anime!

14. Puella Magi Madoka Magica (8.2/10)

This series revolves around a bunch of high school girls and the series’ female lead Madoka Kaname. They forge a pact with supernatural beings to gain the powers and the ability to transform into magic girls. As they fought hordes of tough enemies they eventually came to understand the weight and perils of this role of theirs. There are a total of 12 episodes in this anime that are animated by studio Shaft. This anime proves to be great anime for Yuri enjoyers. So, it is suggested to watch this anime whenever you’ve some free time!

15. Destiny Of The Shrine Maiden (6.6/10)

Best Yuri Anime Series

This anime series shows us the story of Himiko Kurusugawa and Chikane Himemiya. These two are the reincarnations of the Solar and Lunar Shrine Maidens. When their arch-enemy Yamata No Orochi awakens again after several years. The awakening of these two girls also takes place at the same time. Throughout the series, they do everything in their power to defeat Orochi and develop a special bond or relationship with each other. This is a great Yuri anime series to watch on Hidive. So, make sure to give it a try!

16. Canaan (6.8/10)

Best Yuri Anime Series

This series is set in a world two years after the incident of 428: Shibuya Scramble! Three women including Canaan who is an assassin, Alphard Al Sheya who is the leader of the terrorist organization “Snake” and finally Maria Osawa who is a returning character from the Shibuya Incident are the protagonists of this show. Their connections with each other, their past and the future that awaits them will all be revealed in this anime! So, make sure to watch it only on Hidive!

17. Princess Principal (7.3/10)

Best Yuri Anime Series

This anime series is set in the fictional world of Albion which is cognate to the real world’s Britain. After the “London Revolution”,  Albion was split into two separate nations, the Commonwealth and the Kingdom. As the princess of the Commonwealth Charlotte is planned to be replaced by another girl named Ange, on the brink of losing everything she presents an idea to the nation of the Commonwealth. This idea was that she would be helped by Ange and her friends to become the queen of the nation of the Kingdom in exchange for working as an undercover spy in the Kingdom for the Commonwealth.

Then after this, she with five other girls enrolls in the prestigious Queen’s Mayfair school in the Kingdom to work as an undercover agent. What will become of the princess? How will she overcome this challenge? To find answers to these questions you must watch this series which is available on Hidive!

18. The Demon Girl Next Door (7.1/10)

Best Yuri Anime Series

Yuko Yoshida who one day wakes up with horns and a tail that resembles that of a Demon. She later learns that she is a descendant of the Dark Clan of Demons. She also learns that the current poor condition of their clan is because of the Light Clan. So, she decides to defeat the town’s local Magic Girl, Momo Chiyoda in the hopes of restoring her clan’s honour and maintaining its dignity! This show is not particularly Yuri anime but contains some traits of one that can be enjoyed by the fans. So, make sure to give this series a try!

19. Maria Watches Over Us (6.8/10)

Best Yuri Anime Series

This anime’s plot revolves around the lives of some teenage girls who are attending the Lilian Girls Academy in Tokyo, Japan. The student council of this school which also goes by the name of Yamayuri Council plays a large role in this series. A majority of part of this anime revolves around the daily lives and the inter-personal relationships of the student body of Yamayuri Council. This anime proves to be a great watch and will keep you hooked!

20. The Executioner And Her Way Of Life (6.2/10)

Best Yuri Anime Series

This anime series revolved around its female lead Menou who is a top-notch executioner. She was given the mission of wiping out Akira Tokito from the face of this earth. However, after one failed attempt she comes to learn about her unique and overpowered ability which is to control the time itself, or in other words time manipulation. No matter how many times she is killed she can reverse her death each and every time after being killed.

She despite being baffled by her power decides to set out on a journey with Akira on her side, to find a way to kill her! This anime consists of a total of 12 episodes and will prove to be a great watch! So, make sure to give it a try.

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