What happened to Pickle after his fight against Baki Hanma In Season 2 Part 1 ? His fate explained

To defeat his father Yuujirou Hanma, Baki must prevail in his fight against Pickle. Pickle is not an easy opponent as his strength is comparable to that of Yuujirou! However, Baki did have a brawl out in the Baki Hanma season 2 part 1. In today’s article, we shall learn about What happened to Pickle after his fight against Baki Hanma?

Topics like the fight’s victory and repercussions from this fight will also be covered. So, make sure to read this article till the end as it will be pretty interesting. Let’s start without any further delay!

Who Is Pickle In Baki Hanma?

What happened to Pickle after his fight

Pickle is a primitive man who was found perfectly preserved in a saline rock formation ( that’s why he is named Pickle). He lived initially in the Jurassic era. He can’t speak as intelligibly as the other characters due to a lack of basic knowledge. This can be seen in the several inappropriate acts that he does in the series.

He is afraid of nothing in the world except a wasp! This is so because before he arrived in the modern age he ate a wasp. After consuming that wasp his mouth began to burn severely due to the wasp’s venom. This sole incident made him fear wasps as even if they aren’t powerful enough to defeat Pickle they can still cause him some major damage.

What Happened In This Fight? Who Was The Victor?

What happened to Pickle after his fight

This fight was quite a bit long. Baki had to beat Pickle no matter what in order to defeat his father Yuujirou Hanma who is also the world’s strongest creature! With that motive in his mind, Baki goes for the kill and gives it his all. At first, Pickle was literally toying with Baki until Baki got severe and gave Pickle a hard time.

The fight went on and Baki got a little haughty and tried to defeat Pickle by making use of his stamina alone. He thought that he can beat Pickle when it comes to stamina! However, this was the reason Pickle won ultimately.

What happened to Pickle after his fight ?

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Despite Pickle’s unarguable victory, it was still a fact that Baki is the superior combatant! Now, the time has come to decide Pickle’s fate after his fight against Baki! There were several options like sending him back into the stasis or allowing him to live freely in Tokyo. There was also an option to send him back into the saline rock formation from where he was found.

The majority of votes were to put him back into the saline rock formation. However, before that decision can be implemented, Pickle ran away never to be found again!

About Baki Hanma

Pickle’s Fate After His Fight Against Baki

This series shows us the story of its protagonist Baki Hanma who had continuously fought for straight 18 years, pushing his body beyond its limits! All for the sole purpose of defeating his father who is revered as the “World’s strongest man alive.” He sets out on an arduous journey to train himself even more so than ever! He sets his sets on some of the few men who are said to be as powerful as his father.

Some of these exceptional men are “Unchained bounty hunter” Biscuit Olivia and also a prehistoric man of the Jurassic era called Pickle. His father still doesn’t recognize Baki as a fighter capable of giving him a hard time. All he ever wished is for a combatant who can actually stand his ground against him. After some time he comes to terms with his feelings.

Deep down he thought that Baki can be that combatant who can possibly give him a tough time or even defeat him. This series despite being not very popular among the community is still very interesting. You should give this series a try and see for yourself how good of a series it is! That’s it for today! Thanks for reading this article.

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