Baki Verse Timeline Explained In Order [2023]

Baki is an anime that is loved by all. You can watch it on various platforms such as Netflix. But if you don’t want to go through the whole series but still want to understand the Baki verse, then this article is just for you! In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the Baki verse timeline. So, make sure to read this article till the end. Now, without any further delay, let’s begin this article!

The Childhood Of Torment – Baki’s Childhood

1. The Ogre’s Past

Yujiro Hanma is the strongest creature in the Baki universe. He alone can defeat armies and can even defeat all kinds of wild animals. However, he got bored of this and decided to marry a woman and have a child whom he would nurture into a rival capable of opposing him! He went to search for the ideal woman who could bear the son of the strongest creature in the world. That is how he met Emi Akezawa. Emi at a glance would seem like a fragile woman but in reality, she is as evil as Yujiro is! After Yujiro kills Emi’s husband she then agrees to marry him. That is how the son of the strongest man on the earth was born!

2. Baki’s Juvenescence

Baki Hanma

Ever since Baki gained consciousness all he ever did was to train and train some more. All to defeat his father, to be his rival. He didn’t have the leeway of making friends or living a normal life enjoying his childhood. He went to train in the mountains where he met his father’s old acquaintance Ando Reichi.

Ando becomes Baki’s mentor and teaches him everything he can. However, despite all of Ando’s training, Baki couldn’t become any much stronger. So, Yujiro decided to leave the matter of training Baki into his wife Emi’s capable hands. He threatens and orders Emi to make Baki strong enough to fight him but if she isn’t able to do so then he will stop loving her.

Emi with her ex-husband’s fortune made sure that Baki would have a physique equal to that of a professional athlete! She paid for the best trainers and gyms around the world. Remember that Baki is still a child at this stage of his life. At the start of the series, he is only 13 years old.

However, despite his age, he manages to defeat crowds of men. Despite all these achievements his fire to becoming strong enough to defeat his father only grew bigger and hotter. Baki when realizes that the training her mother’s been giving him is not enough fuel for his ambitions decides to quit. On his way to become stronger he meets a world boxing champion and challenges him to a fight.

Baki was only able to land a couple of hits on him and eventually lost to him. He then goes to the mountains again to become stronger and reunites with his best friend and former mentor, Ando. Ando takes care of Baki and trains him much more rigorously. He also tells him about the Yasha, a creature that lives in the mountains that even Ando hasn’t been able to defeat.

Baki upon hearing this wastes no time and goes on to visit Yasha deep in the mountains. Baki quickly realizes that currently he is no match for Yasha and is in a dire situation. However, Ando comes in a clutch to save Baki and as a result, is badly wounded and hospitalized. Without even Ando’s help, Baki persevered and did not slack off even a bit.

It is during this time that Baki learns to release and control Endorphins in his Brain. This increased his reflexes and speed even further. He returns back hoping to defeat the boxer who defeated him last time. However, a mafia named Hanayma already injured the boxer and beat him thoroughly.

After fighting and beating Hanayama, Baki becomes his friend. It is to be noted that Hanayama’s actual age is 15 years despite him looking like a person in his 40s.

3. Yujiro’s Maltreatment Towards Baki

Baki Verse Timeline

The Ogre, Yujiro Hanma appears shortly after Baki manages to defeat Hanayama. Without wasting a second he roughs up Hanayama and beats Baki too in the process to demonstrate his superior power and to show that Baki is still weak! Yujiro enraged by Baki’s weakness killed Yasha to motivate him. This gives Baki a legitimate reason to face his father.

He meets up with General Strydum, another one of his father’s friends. He consumes Yasha’s teeth and swears to defeat his father. Baki goes on to defeat a group of mercenaries who are in hiding as instructed by Strydum. However, there was a person with a split personality disorder who gave Baki some trouble.

Nonetheless, he defeats this supersoldier after a tedious fight and earns his friendship. Baki returns to home to talk to her mother. However, his mother hits him in the face and leaves the venue after telling him that he is still weak and that Yujiro doesn’t love her anymore because of that!

Baki: The Grappler

1. Underground Arena

Many years have passed by and Baki is now 17 years old. He learns about the underground fighting tournament right after returning home. Baki now who is eager to enter this tournament to test his strength tries to convince the owner of the underground arena, Mitsunari Tokugawa. He is not convinced at first and refuses to let Baki enter this tournament.

However, after he saw Baki’s extraordinary strength and determination, he decided to let him enter! After entering the tournament he proved his strength by defeating a number of enemies. Finally, he won this tournament by defeating his brother, Jack Hanma.

2. Five Criminals Arc – Training Arc

Baki Verse Timeline

After competing in several other tournaments and resting for a bit too comes another big phase in Baki’s life! One day, Mitsunari comes to visit Baki at his school. He wanted to inform Baki of the five extremely dangerous criminals who had escaped from the prison. The first one is Dorian, a criminal who is about to be executed.

However, he escaped by beating the entire security team guarding him. Next comes Hector Doyle, a man who was sentenced to the electric chair torture but was completely unaffected by this and escaped easily. After him comes Sikorsky who escaped from a maximum security prison in Russia. The fourth criminal Spec escaped from an underwater prison and the final criminal Ryuko Yanagi escaped after killing the entire security team that was put in charge of him!

These criminals desire to find a man who will be able to defeat them. The criminal Spec arrives at Baki’s school and beats him up mercilessly in front of his classmates which leaves him unconscious. However, at the end of the day, Baki perseveres. There are many fights in this arc including the Five Criminals and various other key figures of the series including Baki.

After this comes the Inmates arc and Ali Jr. arc. However, one major tournament took place during these arcs, which was conducted in China. Various competitors entered this tournament to claim the title of “Kaioh Emperor.” This martial arts tournament is held every 100 years and is of great importance in China.

During this tournament, we bore witness to some of the most epic fights of the series such as Kaku Kaioh vs Yujiro Hanma. Now, back to the topic, after the Ali Jr. arc came another major arc in the series which was the training arc. In this arc, Baki enters the Arizona State Prison by kidnapping the president of the U.S.A. himself. His goal was to confront the strongest guy in the prison, Oliva Biscuit also known as Unchained.

Baki provokes Oliva Biscuit several times and throws every kind of slur towards him. However, even after all this, the boss of the state prison wasn’t affected by Baki’s insults. Later on, he goes to fight Baki after repeated provocation. At first, he dominates the fight but later on, Baki activates his Demon Back and knocks him out in just one punch.

However, he even survived this blow of Baki’s. The fight continues and eventually, it comes to a test of strength between the two fighters. They both punched each other recklessly. However, Baki somehow wins this fight with just his sheer physical strength and willpower.

This helps Baki to become much stronger and he also gains the Unchained’s respect. Oliva Biscuit asks the warden to release Baki from the Arizona State Prison, which marks the end of this arc.

About Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma

This series shows us the story of its protagonist Baki Hanma who had continuously fought for 18 years, pushing his body beyond its limits! All for the sole purpose of defeating his father who is revered as the “World’s strongest man alive.” He sets out on an arduous journey to train himself even more so than ever! He sets his sights on some of the few men who are said to be as powerful as his father.

His father still doesn’t recognize Baki as a fighter capable of giving him a hard time. Can Baki accomplish this goal of defeating his father? You’ll have to watch this series to find that out! So, make sure to give this series a try.
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