Top 10 Best Horror Webtoons!

Webtoons are a type of comics that originated in South Korea and can also be read online. There are a lot of webtoons from different genres that fans love to read. In today’s article, we will be reviewing the top 10 best horror Webtoons. So, make sure to read this article until the end. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin this article!

1. Witch Creek Road

If you want to watch a bone-chilling horror webtoon then you’ll have to go with the Witch Creek Road. It is one of the best if not the best horror webtoon available online! You can feel the terror of Sarah or any other character who faced off against the man-eating demons disguised as humans. However, there are times when you can feel relaxed too.

With a little bit of everything this series easily wins the hearts of fans. Personally, we advise you to read this webtoon during nighttime and that too alone. This will definitely enhance your experience with this webtoon!

2. Melvina’s Therapy

Feeling anxious or lonely? Then taking a therapy session will most likely help you out. However, that is not the case with Melvina’s therapy! As her therapy will do more harm than good.

If you enjoy horror then this webtoon may suit your taste. This horror webtoon will surely creep you out. Readers can feel a sense of uneasiness welling up inside them while reading this webtoon. It is one of the best horror webtoons available online! So, make sure to read this series if you truly want to experience something that can make you shiver to the core!

3. Rotten 

Rotten is about a young man Jaeshin who can smell a very disturbing stench coming from the flat downstairs of his and tries to investigate it. He tells his landowner about this disturbing smell. However, his landowner brushes it off by telling him that it’s nothing. Later on, Jaeshin starts seeing several ghosts who lead him to investigate the flat from where the stench was coming.

He finds out something really nasty inside that flat. He seeks the help of the police and goes even deeper into the case. Witness the mystery of this flat unfold before your own eyes. Go read Rotten right now.

4. #Killstagram

This webtoon is about Remi Do who is a social media influencer and loves to post pictures of her everyday life. She is an extremely pretty and famous personality! However, all of this starts to go downhill once her best friend Jia Lee gets murdered. After that, her life became miserable as many horrifying and traumatizing events happened to her.

A serial killer was secretly stalking her all this time and also following her daily routine. Of course, he doesn’t mean to do any good to her. See for yourself how things go down in this webtoon! Horror lovers go read #Killstagram right now as it will send shivers down your spine!

5. Ghost Teller 

The one to the fifth spot on our list of the top 10 best horror webtoons is Ghost Teller. Do you like to listen to stories of ghosts or something horrifying? Well, the storyteller must be your friend or someone at least humane, right? However, the ones to narrate these horrifying stories are ghosts themselves in this webtoon!

This is a webtoon about ghosts who depict the horrible stories and acts done by humans. After watching this anime you wouldn’t want to hear another horror story!

6. Distant Sky

A youngster wakes up in the midst of dozens of corpses. Baffled by the unbelievable sight he screams for help. No one in the vicinity seemed to be alive. Without knowing what catastrophic event took place he keeps on walking.

As it finally seems like he made it out safely, his hope gets shot down instantly. He saw ruins of buildings and pondered the whereabouts of his current location. As he continues his journey he eventually finds another survivor and comes to know that this place is the city of Seoul which has become hell. There is no supply of water or electricity except a plain sky without stars like a white canvas!

Survival is nigh impossible! Will he be able to survive and escape this labyrinth of death? Find the answers to these questions only by reading Distant Sky!

7. Sweet Home

This series is about a suicidal high school boy who lost his parents in a car accident. The series progresses as he tries to avoid becoming a monster and survive by any means possible! This series carries the potential to make you cry. The viewers can feel the protagonist’s emotions through the great storytelling this series has!

If you love thriller or an apocalypse genre-centred series then this webtoon is just for you! Make sure to read Sweet Home as it can definitely keep you entertained till the end!

8. Bastard

Best Horror Webtoons

Jin Seon who on the outside might seem like your typical school-going boy who lives a pretty normal life. However, that is quite not the case here in this series. Jin Seon is considered the weakest kid in the entire school or basically a bottom feeder at the end of the food chain in school. Because of the hierarchy system, he is targeted by bullies all the time and gets injured quite often.

It would’ve still been somewhat fine if the story remained constrained to that only! Dongsoo Seon, Jin Seon’s father is the CEO of a major company and is a kind-hearted and good-natured person who likes to help the needy. That’s what everyone sees from the viewpoint of a spectator. However, in reality, he is a psychopathic serial killer whose fiendish schemes won’t even leave his family out of his dirty business.

Yes, his son Jin Seon is also forcibly made to accompany his father in his evil acts. However, Jin wants to expose and defeat his father. Will he be able to do so? Find that out by reading this amazing series.

9. Horang’s Nightmare

This series is made up of several short horror stories. As you know most of the horror webtoons are about a single character and show his story till the end. However, in this series, you can experience horror stories of several characters that are all relevant to the series! It is not one of the best series out there but is still entertaining enough.

This series is not one of the best horror webtoons! However, it will be the right option for you if you like to read short horror stories or just want to kill some time! There are a total of ten episodes in this series and all of them are equally entertaining. Horang’s Nightmare can be enjoyed even more if your room’s lights are turned off. Make sure to watch this series only on Webtoon!

10. Unknown Caller

Best Horror Webtoons

On number ten comes Unknown Caller, which is a very great series in itself! This series is very short but still enjoyable. There are a total of 3 episodes constituting this series. All of these chapters focus solely on scaring its viewers to their very core!

There are a lot of jumpscares in this webtoon that certainly does a good job of scaring its readers. If you want sleepless nights then read this series! Reading this series will ensure that you won’t be able to go to the bathroom during nighttime for several days. So, read Unknown Caller at your own risk!

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