Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And Much More!

New animes are released year-round on various websites like Crunchyroll, Netflix etc. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is also one of the most anticipated animes of the year 2023. In today’s article, we will be looking into a number of crucial details of the upcoming Scott Pilgrim Takes Off anime. So, make sure to read this article until the end. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin!

When Will Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Be Released?

The official release date for the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off anime is Friday, 17th of November 2023. As of now, this anime will only be premiered on Netflix. Back in the year 2022, there were several rumours that Netflix was gonna adapt this series but no official announcement was made. However, Netflix confirmed the release of this anime by releasing a teaser trailer for it!

We are convinced by looking at the trailer that this anime will surely be able to live up to everyone’s expectations. Make sure to keep your schedules free on the 17th of November. We suggest you to grab yourself some popcorn and coke to watch this upcoming anime by Netflix for the best possible experience!

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Cast

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off release

Fans are tingling with excitement for this anime series as the fan-favourite graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley is finally getting adapted! So, it is a given that fans would want to know everything they can about it including its cast. Don’t worry as we got your back! Here are some major characters in the cast of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off:

  1. Scott Pilgrim-Michael Cera
  2. Ramona Flowers-Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  3. Matthew Patel-Satya Bhabha
  4. Wallace Wells-Kieran Kyle Culkin
  5. Lucas Lee-Chris Evans
  6. Stacey Pilgrim-Anna Kendrick
  7. Envy Adams-Brie Larson
  8. Kim Pine-Alison Pill
  9. Julie Powers-Aubrey Plaza
  10. Todd Ingram-Brandon Routh

About Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off release

This anime revolves around its protagonist Scott Pilgrim who gets enchanted by the charms of Ramona Flowers and falls in love with her. However, to attain his love he has to face the ordeal of defeating Ramona’s seven ex-boyfriends. Scott will go to any length or reach any height for his love. This anime will not follow the exact same plot as that of its previously released movies or novels.

The creator of this series, Bryan Lee O’Malley himself said that the plot of this anime will be different with some changes included in it! Will he be able to acquire his love? Or will this wish of his will remain a wish forever? You can find out the answers to those questions by watching this upcoming series on the 17th of November only on Netflix! 

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